PJ MASKS LOGO This article is about a counterpart of a character/exclusive character that only exists in the Cartoon Continuity of Les Pyjamasques.

For the mainstream counterparts where the TV characters are based on, see Mitomites or Papinuits.

Luna Moths
Featured characters (December 2016)


Luna Moths


Mothies, Fluttering fools, Moth-brained moths, Papinus (only heard in the French dub)




Luna Girl
Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko, PJ Robot (sometimes)
Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos
Romeo and Robot (sometimes)
Wolfy Kids (sometimes)


Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko, PJ Robot
Romeo and Robot
Wolfy Kids


Luna Girl
Doing Luna Girl's dirty work on command
The PJ Masks (sometimes)
Giving Luna Girl kisses
Giving Motsuki kisses
Floating around aimlessly
Staring at bright lights
Dancing with butterflies


The PJ Masks
Luna Girl saying nasty things to them
Seeing Luna Girl sad
The Wolfies trying to catch them with nets

Episode debut

"Catboy's Cloudy Crisis"

Voice actors

USA United States of America
Canada (For Template Only) Canada
Unknown (Season 1-Season 2)
Hattie Kragten (Season 3-present)
France (For Template Only) France
Unknown (Season 2-present)

The Luna Moths are Luna Girl's minions (and possibly the only friends she has), and descendant counterparts of the Papinuits. They serve as the secondary sidekicks in PJ Masks series.


  • Blindfold Attack: A formation which allows a cloud of moths to surround the opponent to have zero visiblity.
  • Tickle Attack: Allows the moths to tickle the opponent (usually in a group), either as a way to slow down or make the opponent lose their grip.
  • Beam: Some of the moths are able to fire a tractor beam from their antennae in order to move objects. They only have this ability when they're on the moon.


They follow all of Luna Girl's orders and attempt to complete them to the best of their ability. The moths love her, despite her often mean and verbally-abusive treatment to them.

Physical appearance

The moths are identical to the papinuits, except that they're turquoise in color, have black eyes in color as they lack eye pupils, and their mouths are never visible. They can also be large when flying in groups.

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