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PJ MASKS LOGO.png This article is about a counterpart of a character/exclusive character that only exists in the Cartoon Continuity of Les Pyjamasques.

To read about the episode of the same name, see Munki-gu (episode).

To read about the statue, see Munki-gu Statue.


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Cartoon Continuity


Wolfy Kids
Catboy (sometimes)
Owlette (sometimes)
Gekko (sometimes)
PJ Robot (sometimes)
An Yu (sometimes)


An Yu
PJ Robot
Fly Bots
Night Ninja


Messing and playing around
Causing trouble


An Yu

Episode debut

"PJ Party Mountain" (as a stone monkey)
"Munki-gu" (true form)

Voice actor

United States of America United States of America
Daniel Pathan

Munki-gu is an antagonist of the PJ Masks series. He is a mischievous monkey and has been trapped in a stone for a thousand years. He first appeared in the Season 4 episode "PJ Party Mountain" as a statue, then made his appearance in "Munki-gu" as a monkey.


A thousand years ago, Munki-gu was turned into a stone statue by a sorcerer as punishment for being too naughty. The statue was kept among other relics on Mystery Mountain. His flying boots were taken from him and locked in a small cage.

In "PJ Party Mountain," Night Ninja got his hands on the statue and used it to impersonate An Yu. Due to his tampering with the statue, Munki-gu regained some form of consciousness, and became able to move around on his own despite being a statue. An Yu called the PJ Masks to Mystery Mountain to help her capture the statue. Instead, Gekko ended up accidentally freeing Munki-gu completely by patting the statue on the head three times.

Gekko tried to teach Munki-gu to behave, but to no avail. When Munki-gu's actions angered the mountain, he agreed to help Gekko calm the mountain down again by dancing, but tricked Gekko into giving him back his flying boots (which he claimed were dancing shoes). After the mountain was calmed down, Munki-gu used his flying boots to escape from the mountain and into the city.

Official Website description

A trickster, a teaser, a hoaxster. Meet Munki-gu, a little monkey who was trapped inside a monkey statue on Mystery Mountain for 1000 years – for being too naughty! Accidentally freed by the PJ Masks, this prankster monkey brings unwanted – but at times, useful – comedy and chaos to their world. Munki-gu uses his powers to outwit and trick whoever he meets – so watch out!


At first, Munki-gu appears to be an innocent monkey. However, he then reveals himself to be mischievous and naughty once Gekko accidentally patted his head 3 times. Munki-gu is also shown to be a very disobedient monkey as he refuses to listen to others, especially the PJ Masks. As naughty as he is, he's also shown to be a very funny and silly monkey as he likes playing and pulling pranks on others.

Motive & Abilities


Munki-gu's motive is to cause mischief and trouble around Mystery Mountain and the city. He has no alliance to anyone, and just as gladly pranks other nighttime villains as the PJ Masks.

Powers & Abilities

  • Flying Boots: He is able to fly with his boots across the sky.
  • Voice Mimic: He is able to mimic other people's voices as shown in "Munki-gu in the City" with Owlette's voice and in "Mission Munki-gu" with Romeo and Catboy's.
  • Bananas: "Mission Munki-gu" showed he is able to produce a seemingly infinite amount of bananas out of nowhere.

Physical appearance

Munki-gu is a monkey with gray fur and tan skin. He has brown eyes and red designs on his face as well. He also wears a red and gold shirt, a black and yellow vest, and a black belt with a flower on it.

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