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The Nighttime Hours is the main element that happens during the series. This element may have been inspired from the DC comic series, Batman.


Usually in the series, the nighttime hours will normally take place around midnight (as seen in the book series) while at other times it will take place during and after bedtime (as heard in the television series' intro).

Around this time at the nighttime hours, most of the streets of Tarabiscoville will become deserted since almost everyone in the city has went to bed, while a few had chosen to wander in the night for personal reasons.

The civilians that would often be seen active during at the middle of the night are superheroes, villains and various monsters.

Roles and Motives

During the nighttime hours, each individual or group has a specific routine and/or motive they would typically do:

  • Les Pyjamasques: Play in the middle of the night, mostly on the rooftops of the city while often fighting mythology-themed villains messing with the normality of the day and night.
    • PJ Masks: Patrolling the streets to look for anything suspicious or any nighttime villains to fight.
  • Roméo Mécano: Building infernal inventions in his secret lair and/or creating experiments that can suspend the city's school once and for all, due to always receiving a score of zero at his homework thanks to his resentment on school work and simply wants to be good at everything. Early on in the series, he would capture and possess dream-related characters and objects for his personal gains.
    • Romeo: Take over the world (or alternatively the city to create his private town, Romeopolis) in order to let people acknowledge his glamorous figure and big ego.
  • Sorceline: Stealing toys since she never gets anything as a gift from someone (not even at her birthday).
    • Luna Girl: Stealing the fun and daytime stuff from people just for personal and greedy gains.
  • Ninjaka: TBA.
    • Night Ninja: Like Roméo Mécano, he proves he wants to be the best of everything, such as splatting the city and seizing and/or demolishing assets. While at other times, he wants to take over Mystery Mountain's pagoda guarded by An Yu to become a powerful ninja.
  • Monsters: Characters such as Grogarou, Croque-Chaussettes who are considered monsters will often go in an unstoppable hunger spree (mainly on children).
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