Nighttime Villains


The main bad guys; Roméo Mécano, Sorceline and Ninjaka

Nighttime Villains (also known as Méchants in French) are the primary antagonists of Les Pyjamasques series. They are usually portrayed as hostile, while some of the other villains tend to be neutral.


Regular Villains

The regular nighttime villains are the prominent types of villains. These villains show a lack of gratitude, amoral traits as well as acting extreme and intimidating, their goals are either to grant a wish related to their interest of the night and/or something they show admiration which can lead to negative and forceful results, while a few villains had created revenge plans to solve their ongoing negative aspects of their lives.

Their missions are often fixed, and will sometimes go out of character to focus on other aspects that closely relates to their main motive. Some of their missions are intended to be neutral, while the rest is considered threatening. Their plans can vary from demolishing a building, stealing toys, altering the normality of the night and disabling/destroying/capturing a magical relic (e.g animal totems, astronomical clock, Sun Disc), depending on their reasons.

The regular nighttime villains are shown to possess some weapons that are considered physically harmful and lethal such as the million missiles, lightning based powers from a magical magnet and metal moons.

However, despite their ungrateful and amoral behavior, they have been times where some of the villains accepted advice and morals from Noctambules-masques willingly whenever they're defeated on their plan.

They can only be found active after midnight, and had never shown a trace of night activity in the day at all.


Monsters are another type of nighttime villains, they can be mostly found in the Original Continuity, while a few in the Soft Reboot Continuity. One goal that they only have in mind is to torment and eat children raw.

Their appearances mostly ranged to resemble animals such as bunnies, vultures, wolves and octopus, and often have grotesque and frightening features such as teeth that are usually big in size.

Contemporary Villains

Contemporary villains are considered to be the popular types of villains. The contemporary villains' behavior is similar to Les Mascrapules' personalities, except they have a more prone urge on acting all-mean, mischief and looking unlikeable. Other than that, they tend to boast on their self-claims of being "bad", "naughty" or "evil", and showing unwillingness to accept morals, help and advice from heroes.

Their goals are contemporary-themed, such as frequently committing heists, attempting a rise of power and kidnappings, and at other times they'll commit vandalism and trying to take over HQ for turf. These goals are intended for selfish purposes.

Unlike the regular nighttime villains, the contemporary villains never act violent, and use non-lethal and "family-friendly" weapons that can slow down, disable and trap heroes such as laser guns, nerfed moon magnets, sticky stars etc.

Unlike the rest of the other types of villains, they seem to be active 24 hours a day as their activity can be also be seen in the day rather only being in the night.

And whenever the villain knows that he/she is defeated, they usually flee or escape from being captured by the hero.


Regular Villains

Contemporary Villains



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