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"Ninja Power Up"
Season 5, episode 1
(Overall episode #200)
Premiere date
United States of America United States of America
August 13, 2021[1]
Canada Canada
August 14, 2021
Written by Simon Nicholson
Directed by Christian De Vita
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"Bubbles Of Badness"
"Luna Goes Too Far"

"Ninja Power Up" is the 1st Season 5 episode of PJ Masks. This is a 2-part special episode.


The PJ Masks defeat the Ninjas with ease and become over-confident in their powers, but Night Ninja’s secretly plotting to acquire PJ powers for himself.[2]


The following characters appeared in the episode "Ninja Power Up":


The episode opens in The Park, where Night Ninja suffers another defeat at the hands of the PJ Masks. He becomes frustrated and figures that the only way he could win is if he had the PJ Masks' powers. He orders his Ninjalinos to figure out a way to get these powers. When the Ninjalinos see the PJ Masks return to their houses, they get an idea.

Several nights go by, during which Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos gather in the School and plot to steal the PJs' powers. Each night, some Ninjalinos cause minor problems for the PJ Masks to solve, while in the meantime, they spy on them at both their homes and at HQ. Due to the easy victories, the PJs become quite smug and overconvident in their powers, while Night Ninja gains crucial insight in the source of the PJs' powers, including their Magic Pajamas, Animal Amulets, and most important of all, the PJ Crystal Totem. Once he knows about the crystal, Night Ninja finds a book at the Library about how to control the crystal and transfer the PJs' powers to himself.

To complete the ritual, Night Ninja has his Ninjalinos capture an owl, the Alley Cat, and Lionel since they represent the Spirit Animals that the PJs draw their powers from. While a Ninjalino distracts the PJs, Night Ninja and the other Ninjalinos break into HQ. Using the 3 animals and a spell from the library book, Night Ninja successfully has the Crystal Totem transfer the PJs' powers to himself and the Ninjalinos. By the time the PJ Masks figure out something is wrong, they are left powerless and forced to abandon HQ, which Night Ninja now claims for himself. Since the animals no longer serve a purpose, Night Ninja has them released outside. Unbeknownst to him, however, the animals still possess some of the PJs' powers.

The now powerless PJ Masks, along with PJ Robot, regroup at the library. They realize they should have taken their powers more seriously. For several hours, the 3 kids search for another book about how to undo what Night Ninja did, but it turns out Night Ninja took the only book. They do, however, find a comic about Slither Boy, another reptile-themed superhero who once lost his powers and regained them through hard training. This gives the PJs an idea; they gather the 3 animals and train them to fight Night Ninja for them using the power they still have.

Backed up by the animals and PJ Robot, the PJs head back to HQ. They manage to get inside and fight off the Ninjalinos long enough for Amaya to find the book Night Ninja used. They repeat the ritual, promising the crystal to take their powers more seriously from now on. It works; not only does the crystal restore the PJs' powers, but even gives each of them a new ability. With these new powers, the PJs force Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos to retreat. Afterwards, they learn that HQ got an upgrade as well; each floor now contains a new device for the PJs to monitor the city for trouble: the Owl Binoculars, Cat Headphones, and Lizard Sensors. Catboy notices something is off about the crystal totem and wonders what is in there, but the book doesn't provide an answer, leaving this mystery unresolved for now. Along with their animal friends, the PJs shout their victory cry.


  • Don't brag about your powers and don't be overconfident.
  • Keep learning, no matter how good you think you are.


  • This episode marks the Season 5 premiere.
  • This is the ninth special episode of the series.
  • This is the second time the PJ Masks get more powers from the PJ Crystal Totem:
    • Super Furball for Catboy
    • Owl Feather Nest for Owlette
    • Lizard Tail Swipe for Gekko
  • When the PJ Crystal transferred the PJ Masks' powers to the Ninjalinos, the color of their costumes are changed to match with the trio's signature colors.
  • This episode shares a similar title with those of the following episodes and shorts: "PJ Power Up," "Catboy Power Up," "Owlette Power Up," and "Gekko Power Up."
  • This is the third time the ninjas see the PJs' real identity.
    • The first was in "PJ Power Up."
    • The second was in "Do The Gekko."
  • This is Owly's first appearance.
  • This is the first episode Evan O'Donnell voices Catboy. As a result, Catboy's voice during the transformation scene (originally done by Jacob Ewaniuk, while previously dubbed by Roman Lutterotti) had to be dubbed by Evan. However, Roman's voice would be retained in "Newton and the Animals."
  • The PJ Masks Headquarters gets a new upgrade, with new looks and new gadgets.
    • Owl Binoculars
    • Cat Headphones
    • Lizard Sensors
  • Connor uses Romeo's Freeze Ray for the first time.
  • While the PJ Masks were watching replays of their powers, scenes of "PJ Power Up" were shown.
  • This is the first time two victory poses of the PJ Masks were shown.
  • At the start of the episode, Night Ninja was foiled by the PJ Masks for a total of 1075 times, with a majority of those times happening off-screen.
  • Night Ninja calling Owly "Tweety Bird" is a reference to the cartoon character Tweety Bird from Looney Tunes.
  • Near the end of the episode, the PJ Masks noticed the PJ Crystal Totem's behavior is off and wonders what was inside the PJ Crystal Totem, the book that explains about their powers does not inform them any further. This event foreshadows the PJ Masks' PJ Pets changing into spirit animals later in the season.


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