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For the character's mainstream counterpart, see Ninjazouaves.

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Night Ninja
Teeny Weeny (sometimes; formerly)
The PJ Masks (sometimes)
Luna Girl
Romeo and Robot (sometimes)
Wolfy Kids (sometimes)
An Yu (sometimes)
Pharaoh Boy (briefly)


The PJ Masks
Teeny Weeny
Luna Girl and her moths (sometimes)
Fly Bots
Wolfy Kids
An Yu
Newton Star
Pharaoh Boy
Pirate Robot
Cat Stripe King
Eagle Owl
Power Lizard

Voice actor

United States of America United States of America
Canada Canada
Rob Tinkler (Season 1-present)
France France
Unknown (Season 1-present)

The Ninjalinos are Night Ninja's henchmen that assist him during his plots, and they are the Ninjazouaves' vigilante counterparts from another universe set in a vigilante setting. The Ninjalinos serve as the tertiary antagonists.


There are two known members of the Ninjalinos who have names in the television series, the rest of them are currently unnamed:


  • Sticky Splat: The Ninjalinos use colorful and gooey objects known as "Sticky Splat" to pin down the PJ Masks and hinder their moving abilities.
  • Martial Arts/Acrobatics: The Ninjalinos are very agile and can perform spins, back flips and high jumps at ease.
  • Ninja Fingers: As revealed in "PJ Power Up," the Ninjalinos have a power called “ninja fingers” which gives them the power to move any object of any size with only their fingers.
  • Teleportation: They can teleport small objects such as sticky splat and scrolls they've stolen.
  • All of the PJ Masks' Powers (formerly): In addition to Night Ninja stealing all of the team's powers, three Ninjalinos each had one team member's powers and were colored in accordance with them in "Ninja Power Up." The powers were taken away from them by the end of the episode.


The Ninjalinos are very obedient towards Night Ninja's orders. They are able to communicate in the English or French language (depending on the language dub of the show), though, their voices sound muffled and squeaky (only in the French dub) when speaking. They will also follow in Night Ninja's emotions such as the time he nearly cried in "Owlette's Two Wrongs" because his statue was ruined by Owlette.

In "Owlette and the Owletteenies," they finally grew sick of Night Ninja's constant demands and criticism and decided to join Owlette. For that episode they were deemed her "Owletteenies." They eventually became disobedient towards her and went back to Night Ninja's service.

Nevertheless, they occasionally get along with the PJ Masks depending on the situation in which side to choose.

Physical appearance

The Ninjalinos are identical to the Ninjazouaves. Except that each of the Ninjalinos' accent colors on their ninja costumes are always purple.

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