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The known members of this group; Yoyo, Bibou, Gluglu, Lilifée, Tatouro, Grigri, Zina and Ulbert

The Noctambules-masques (English: Nocturnal Owl Masks) are the dominant group of superheroes who wear nocturnal-themed magical pajamas and superhero suits reminiscent to Batman.

This group name originated in "Les Pyjamasques et la momie d’Apophis, Tome II." Their origins are revealed in "La Légende des Pyjamasques" and "Le secret des Pyjamasques."


The Noctambules-masques were inspired by the DC superhero Batman and are themed after various nocturnal elements such as animals, stars etc.

Here are all the common and shared features for a Noctambules-masque inspired after Batman:

  • Superhero mask
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • One-piece costumes
  • Capes (often themed after animals)
  • A light, dark or same-colored animal belly (depending on the animal route)
  • Darker-colored arm and knee padding (depending on the animal route)

Despite being inspired by Batman, the heroes often lack most of Batman's typical features while a few of the superheroes have a complete set of Batman's typical superhero features, this can include:

  • Leotards
  • Belts

Some of the heroes have exclusive features that are themed after another nighttime element that's not common with other heroes nor inspired after Batman at all:

  • Dresses
  • A neck bracelet containing lapis lazuli
  • A one-piece costume separated as a shirt and pants
  • Their costume's appearance based on a deity
  • Superhero symbols
  • Having more animal features on their costume than usual (e.g. claws, fangs on their superhero masks etc.)
  • Has characteristics inspired after different superheroes and villains such as Spider-Man, The Lizard or Wolverine.

The features inspired on Batman depends on what theme their costume represents and its appearance.


Typically, the Noctambules-masques show full bravery and courage against anything that is nightmarish and/or lethal, though there are some who are shown to be exceptions.


The archetypes for the Noctambules-masques come in many different varieties and themes:



Nahual is the common archetype of Noctambules-masques.

They wear one-piece costumes and a mask that represents animals in a simple appearance. In appearances before "Les Pyjamasques et l'opération zéro," their costume appearance looks far more simpler and rudimentary.

They also have animal bellies at their chest that depends what type of costume they're wearing that represents their favorite animal that they like.


The fairy archetype is an exclusive archetype for certain Noctambules-masques who are female.

They wear dresses and a mask with star patterns, including a pair of boots and gloves.


The deity archetype is another exclusive archetype for Noctambules-masques who are considered deities.

They have costumes that closely resemble those of deities who have an animal route and connections to the night.

Typical Superheroes


The DC archetype is a stereotypical archetype for Noctambules-masques.

They have costumes that are modelled after DC superheroes (specifically Batman) to a most extent, complete with a cape, leotard, belt and boots, as well as owning handheld gadgetry.

So far, Energuman and his original counterpart are the only members of the category.


The Marvel archetype is an alternate archetype to the Nahual archetype of Noctambules-masques.

They have costumes that are modelled after the Marvel characters, common features may include symbols at their chest, accents, streak patterns, as well as having colors that are common with Marvel superheroes.

In addition, some of the members have a exclusive set of pre-installed gadgetry and sensing powers to track down villains. However, unlike the other Noctambules-masques, they lack the power of enhanced courage that's granted from their costumes (as demonstrated in "Catboy's Cloudy Crisis" and "Gekko, Master of the Deep").



The Corrupted archetype are villainized counterparts of Noctambules-masques. They look the same as their normal counterpart, but with black colors. They can only be created when hit by one of the beams of the Opposite Ray.


The Clone archetype are copies of Noctambules-masques. They look identical to their normal counterpart, but they are smaller than their normal counterpart with duller tone of colors and high-pitched voices due to the powers their normal counterpart has.

One of the most known ways of creating them is with the Multiplying Machine.


The Robot archetypes are robotic clones of Noctambules-masques, and a variant to biological "clones."

They look the same as their normal counterpart, but with a more aggressive and robotic expression. They are invented by Romeo, powered with the Super Computer and a circuit board.


The Fake archetype are impersonators of Noctambules-masques who disguise themselves as real Noctambules-masques.

They look identical to their real counterpart, except that they lack the Noctambules-masques' powers entirely, and their voice doesn't match their real counterpart.


The Noctambules-masques have the ability to transform from their civilian identity to their superhero identity:

  • Unlike the other types of Noctambules-masques, the original-masques' pajamas are designed to permanently stay in a magical costume state as there is not need to transform. The masks for the original counterparts are also made to be separate from their costume.
  • The typical types of Noctambules-masques are able to allow their friends, the Animal Totems, to change their pajamas into magical costumes.
  • Unlike their soft reboot counterparts, Noctambules-masques who are classified as Adolescent are able to transform anytime by using transformation devices known as the Animal Amulets to remotely transform their pajamas into animal-themed costumes.

Powers and abilities

The Noctambule-masques' powers depends on what costume they are wearing which represents and relates to an animal or other nature-routes.

It is said that most of the Noctambule-masques' powers are magical while a few of them have powers that are super-powered or use weapons to their advantage.

The Noctambule-masque can enable his/her power by calling out the power's name, the name of the power will usually have a Noctambule-masque's name at the beginning while others will instead have "Super" or the power is either unnamed. It is also noticed that there are a few members whose costumes will glow if a power is enabled.






Typical Superheroes








  • These types of superheroes can be only found active between bedtime/midnight and dawn.
  • Alongside Les Pyjamasques, the Noctambules-masques are simply nicknamed as "other Pyjamasques" in official sources and "PJ Masks" by the fans, despite most of the Noctambules-masques not being actual members of the group.
  • Most of the Noctambules-masques own and/or guard magical, legendary and ancient technology. Examples include:
    • Les Pyjamasques using their totem.
    • Lilifée guarding an Astronomical Clock.
    • Bastet protecting the Sun Disc.
      • While a few of the Noctambules-masques own modernized technology instead, such as the PJ Masks and Energuman for example.
  • The Noctambules-masques had originated from a folk region known as "nahual," which is related to the Aztec mythology.
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