Nocturnal Heroes
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An example of nocturnal heroes, Les Pyjamasques

Nocturnal Heroes (also known as Nighttime Heroes) are the primary protagonists and supporting characters of the series. This term originated in "L'école des Pyjamasques."


A Nocturnal Hero are heroes that come out in the nighttime hours. Most often, they can be identified wearing costumes that are nighttime-themed, while a very few are exceptions. They also have a name that relates to the appearance of their costume.


Culture Heroes

Heroes who have direct connections to folklore such as Aztec, Ancient Egypt, fairies and Native American religions.

Their general purpose is to:

  • Protect and guard anything that is related to the mythology they represent, from anyone corrupting or damaging it which can affect the normality of the night.
  • Fight against fantasy and folklore-based villains.

Vigilante & Crimefighter Heroes

Some of the nocturnal heroes are typical vigilantes and crimefighters who protect their city from being in danger by villains at all means.

They either have direct connections to sci-fi or (occasionally) folklore.

Their general motives are usually preschool-based:

  • Stopping villains from ruining the day for other kids, such as disruptions of attending school, birthday celebrations, including robberies involving school books and candy.
  • Performing rescue plans and liberations such as freeing animals and launching assaults on enemy strongholds.
  • Protecting the city from being attacked by destructive and nightmarish forces such as Orticia, Robot-Blizzard and Croque-Chaussettes.
  • Guiding certain characters back to their origin homes, while avoiding those trying to interfere with their task.

Some of their motives are more related on comic-based superheroes and actions against bad behavior in general:

  • Preventing villains trying to gain the higher power that can allow them to achieve their ultimate goal such as stealing, robbing prominent assets, unlocking secrets and world domination.
    • Preventing robberies of artifacts and other items from buildings such as museums, toy stores and other locations in their city.
  • Preventing villains from causing any mischief at the city.


Most of the nocturnal heroes exhibit magical powers such as originating from a magical source like the Totem Animals, Magic Pajamas and locations for instance, or relics such as a Magic Flute.

Some of the nocturnal heroes, however, have genuine superpowers such as their powers originating from a supernatural sources such as a crystal, or a group of asteroids which allows them to transform anytime. While the rest use handheld weapons or have martial arts that are beyond those of normal beings.


Culture Heroes

Vigilante & Crimefighter Heroes


  • Some of the heroes are inspired from existing DC and Marvel superheroes, notably the characters from the PJ Masks who have some design elements based on the Marvel superheroes, as well as Energuman whose design is based on Batman's. While most of the heroes from Les Pyjamasques as a majority are inspired by fantastical and mythological elements, as well as nocturnal animals.
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