Nocturnal Heroes
La Légende des Pyjamasques No Title.jpg

An example of nocturnal heroes, Les Pyjamasques

Nocturnal Heroes (also known as Nighttime Heroes) are the primary protagonists and supporting characters of the series. This term originated in "L'école des Pyjamasques."


Nocturnal Heroes are superheroes that come out in the nighttime hours. Most often, they can be identified wearing costumes that are nighttime-themed, while a very few are exceptions. They also have a name that relates to the appearance of their costume.


  • Crimefighters: Superheroes that protect the city and its civilians from the wicked acts of nighttime villains. Examples include Les Pyjamasques and PJ Masks.
  • Folkloric and Mythologic: The most common nocturnal heroes. They come in the form and representation of folkloric or mythologic characters, such as nahual, fairies, dragon girls and gods. Examples include Les Pyjamasques, An Yu, Bastet and Lilifée.
  • Guardians & Protectors: Superheroes that guard or protect a location or relic from a specific nighttime villain. Examples include An Yu and Bastet.
  • Scientists: Superheroes that have the secondary role as a scientist. Examples include Newton Star.
  • Wannabees & Anti-Heroes: Superheroes that want to fit with the rest of the heroes, but they often lack heroic qualities. Examples include Les Mascrapules, Energuman, Tatouro and Armadylan.


Most of the nocturnal heroes exhibit superpowers such as originating from a source that is either magical or supernatural such as the Totem Animals, PJ Crystal Totem or asteroids. These power sources are either independent or are connected to their super costumes.

Some of the nocturnal heroes don't exhibit superpowers and are equipped with gadgetry and other equipment such as a Magic Flute, laser guns, super swords and hammers, while having martial arts, herculean strength and other physical abilities that are beyond those of normal beings.



Guardians & Protectors



  • Some of the heroes are inspired from existing DC and Marvel superheroes, notably the characters from the PJ Masks who have some design elements based on the Marvel superheroes, as well as Energuman whose design is based on Batman's. While most of the heroes from Les Pyjamasques as a majority are inspired by fantastical and mythological elements, as well as nocturnal animals.
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