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To read about the episode of the same name, see Octobella (episode).

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Real Name


Current Alias




Base of Operations

Her garden




Secret Identity


Crystal Collector




Cartoon Continuity


Romeo (possibly)
Robot (possibly)
Robette (possibly)


Gekko (arch-enemy)
PJ Robot
Luna Girl
Newton Star


Her crystal garden
Collecting crystals
Keeping things that drop in her moat
Her moat
Making friends
Getting revenge on the PJ Masks
Torturing Gekko's life
Picking on Gekko


PJ Masks (mostly Gekko)
Things being stolen from her
Luna Girl
Newton Star
Being lonely

Debut appearance

"Gekko Everywhere" (tentacle only)
"Octobella" (full body)

Voice actress

United States of America United States of America
Michela Luci

Octobella is an antagonist and one of the nighttime villains in the PJ Masks series. She is a humanoid octopus-girl that has been living in the moat for an unknown amount of time and the arch-enemy of Gekko. She first appeared in the Season 3 episode "Gekko Everywhere" as a cameo, then made her full appearance in the Season 4 episode "Octobella."

Official Website description

A villainous octopus-like character who lives in the canals below the city, Octobella introduces herself as a ‘squiggly giggly octopus girl’ – but be wary of her cute facade! She lurks in her very own crystal garden where she collects and protects some very special underwater Crystals – trophies she likes to show off to the PJ Masks. She has a loyal and very speedy sidekick shrimp too called Percival.


Octobella's very possessive of the crystals and other things in the moat, which she deems as "hers," and is vengeful and unforgiving to those who she believes are stealing them from her, as shown when she tries to trap Gekko underwater forever after claiming that he took the power pondweed. She's also quite deceptive. She used the fact that the PJ Masks didn't know who she was to her advantage by pretending to be their friend so she could lure them into a trap and getting rid of Gekko.

Despite her unforgiving nature towards the PJ Masks, Octobella, like other nighttime villains, seems to have a soft spot for her sidekick, Percival, though, like how Luna Girl and Night Ninja do to the Moths and Ninjalinos, respectively, she does tend to tease him a lot as seen in "Magnet in the Moat," much to his annoyance.

Motive & Abilities


Octobella's motives include collecting crystals and getting revenge on those she believes are stealing whatever she deems "hers" in the moat, leading her, like other villains, to become an enemy of the PJ Masks.

While all the PJ Masks are her enemies, she tends to target Gekko the most, having a personal vendetta against him because he once took some power pondweed, which she considers to be her property. Nearly all her schemes are geared towards hurting or bullying Gekko, either directly or indirectly.

Powers & Abilities

  • Crystal Current: Octobella can create powerful whirlpools which she uses to trap her enemies and spin them around.
  • Camouflage: Just like real life octopuses and Gekko, Octobella can change the colors of her body allowing her to turn transparent and become invisible.
  • Magic Crystals:
    • Underwater Crystal: She uses this magic crystal that has the ability to shoot powerful blasts of water at her opponents and trap them in crystals.
    • Shapeshifting Crystal: She uses this magic crystal that gives her the ability to shapeshift into anyone.
    • Pondstone Crystal: She uses this magic crystal to make things faster and control things that come into contact with it.
  • Glowing Orbs: She can summon crystal orbs that are like Luna Girl's Moonfizzle Balls from the deep that hypnotizes her enemies into playing with them while she carries out her plan.
  • Magic Octopus Ink: This ink allows her to create portals between her lair and other places. Additionally, like real life octopuses, she uses this weapon to blind her enemies so she hides safely.
  • Sonic Song: She can create sonic waves with her country western yodeling abilities while underwater.
  • Octobella can temporarily give others the ability to breathe underwater, like she did with Luna Girl and Motsuki in "Magnet in the Moat" and Armadylan in "Octobella's Garden."
  • Bubbles of Badness: Controlled by the pondstone crystal, she uses these to entrap anything or anyone. They can only be popped by using said crystal.
  • Bubble Force Fields: Octobella can summon bubble force fields to trap her opponents.
  • Octo-Legs: Octobella can use her new Octo-Legs to walk wherever she wants.

Physical appearance

Octobella's body takes the form of an octopus, with tentacles on her head and six more on her lower body, implying that she is more of a hexapus. She has blue eyes and a light turquoise face with yellow markings. The majority of her body is turquoise with blue and yellow bands around her body and tentacles and one dark aqua dorsal fin each on her forearms. The tips of her tentacles glow an aqua color. However, in "Gekko Everywhere," her tentacle seems to be a darker turquoise hue, and the aqua-colored tip doesn't glow. She also wears a purple beaded necklace with a dark purple shell hanging in the middle where she places one of her magic crystals. The main crystal usually placed in there is a purple one.

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