For the mainstream counterpart of this universe, see Soft Reboot Continuity.

Original Continuity

Classic Pyjamasques

Original Yoyo, Original Bibou and Original Gluglu, the main three of the inhabitants of the Original Continuity

The Original Continuity is a precursor universe of the Soft Reboot Continuity where the Les Pyjamasques picture book series takes place. This continuity is considered closed since Les Pyjamasques et le robot-blizzard, as there are no new stories being produced for it. It is the home dimension of the original counterparts of the younger Les Pyjamasques.


The Original Continuity is the original timeline of the series, and the past version of the Soft Reboot Continuity.

The continuity features a basic superhero theme with more-akin preschool, magical, dreamy and fantasy-themed elements.

Various fantasy and mythology elements existed in the continuity, such as fairies, various monsters, gremlins, living stauettes, witches and magicians. However, modern elements such as a DC-influenced superhero, inventors and zookeepers are included.

The primary location that most books takes place appears to be the fictional Tarabiscoville, a city located in Paris.

In addition, the original counterparts of the Original Continuity are younger than their counterparts in the Soft Reboot Continuity.



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