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Owl Glider

PJ Masks - Watch out for the Owl Glider!

PJ Masks - Watch out for the Owl Glider!

Owlette's Vehicle

The Owl-Glider is a flying red vehicle that is owned by Owlette, and is the only vehicle out of the three that can fly.

The Owl Glider is red in color and has two large headlights for navigation in the air. It has two large wings for flying and gliding, and has two sets of claws on its underside that are used for landing (and also digging when necessary).

Features & Abilities

  • Flight: The vehicle is capable of flying and gliding, and possesses extreme maneuverability.
  • Wind Gust: The wings are flexible and are capable of blowing great gusts of wind.
  • Claws: Besides acting as the landing gear, the claws can also be used for digging and grabbing onto objects.
  • Owl Glider Turbo: The vehicle can temporarily fly very quickly and it leaves a red streak in the sky as it moves.
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