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Owlette the Winner

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This article features notable quotes from Season 1, Episode 5B "Owlette the Winner".

  • Amaya: "I'm a winner, a winner, a winner, winner, winner! Wow, it feels great to win."
  • Greg: "That was a really lucky shot."
  • Amaya: "No way! I could totally do it again. Let's play again now! I'm a winner! A winner!"

  • Owlette: "First one to track down Luna Girl wins."
  • Gekko: "Wins?"
  • Owlette: "Yeah, that'll be me."

  • Owlette: "First one to the top of the building wins!"
  • Gekko: "Um, should we really be having a race right now?"
  • Catboy: "Gekko's right, and anyway, there's no point. I'd easily win with my Super Cat Speed."
  • Owlette: "No way, Catboy. My Super Owl Wings are much faster. I'd beat you easily."
  • Catboy: "What? I don't think so."
  • Owlette: "Get ready to watch me win, again. Super Owl Wings!"
  • Catboy: "Super Cat Speed! Fast as a pounding panther, Catboy races to the roof and... beats Owlette by a cat's whisker."

  • Owlette: "Whoever manages to sneak up on Luna Girl and get the whistle wins."
  • Catboy: "Wait, that's not the plan! Why are we trying to beat each other?"
  • Gekko: "There's no point anyway. I'd be sure to win with my Super Gekko Camouflage."
  • Owlette: "No way! I'd beat you easily."
  • Gekko: "What? Well, let's see then."
  • Owlette: "Don't be surprised when I win."
  • Catboy: "Guys, remember what's important: Stopping Luna Girl."
  • Gekko: "Super Gekko Camoulflage!"
  • Owlette: "Super Owl Wings!"

  • Gekko: "I saw the whistle first, so I win!"
  • Owlette: "But I actually touched it, so I win!"
  • Luna Girl: (Grabs the whistle) "No, I win, PJ Masks! You won't stop me and my moths. Luna Board! See! Soon, I'll have more toys than anyone in the world!" (Laughs)

  • Owlette: "Oh, come on, not afraid to lose, are you?"
  • Catboy: "Who, me? No, maybe Gekko is."
  • Gekko: "Hey, no, I'm not. I've got some amazing superhero moves."
  • Catboy: "But are they better than mine?"
  • Gekko: "Maybe. We better find out."
  • Owlette: "Warm up all you want, but my superhero moves will beat both of you. Ready?"
  • Catboy and Gekko: "Ready!"
  • Owlette: "Then let the best superhero win. Check out my super flying moves!"
  • Gekko: "Nice, but check out my Super Lizard Grip!"
  • Catboy: (Yawns) "They're nothing next to my Super Cat Jump!"

  • Catboy: "Time to let the cat out of the bag."

  • Catboy: "Now that's how to win; my superhero moves were definitely the best."
  • Gekko: "No way, my moves were way cooler, so I win."
  • Owlette: "I say my superhero moves are the best, so I win again! No one came compare to me, I'm Owlette the winner!"

  • Catboy: "Sorry I was mean to you before, Gekko."
  • Gekko: "Me too, Catboy. I guess we got carried away."
  • Owlette: "No you two, it was my fault. I'm sorry I made everything into a competition, just because I wanted to win all the time."

  • Owlette: "A little bird tells me that we should stop trying to compete and win this together."

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