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From Season 2, Episode 8B "PJ Power Up"

The PJ Crystal Totem (referred to as the HQ Crystal or PJ Crystal in the series) is a crystal totem that contains supernatural powers for the PJ Masks' superpowered pajamas and HQ. Although it debuted in "PJ Power Up," it is unknown how the crystal is created and how did it get in headquarters.

In "PJ Power Up," the PJ Crystal Totem was discovered by PJ Robot in headquarters. He then knocks the crystal off its pedestal by accident while calling Owlette, which causes her to go blind for a bit and then makes the Ninjalinos easily defeat her and the other PJ Masks by throwing Sticky Splats at the PJs while they lose their powers and costumes, and revert back into their normal pajamas. However, it was then resolved when the PJ Masks saw it for the first time, put the crystal back into its pedestal, which allowed the team to regain their costumes, and obtain new powers from the crystal to defeat Night Ninja.

In "Take Romeo Off The Road," PJ Robot uses the PJ Crystal Totem to help make the PJ Seeker. This is its first appearance since "PJ Power Up."

In "Heroes of the Sky," Romeo uses his Fly Bots to steal the PJ Crystal Totem to create multiple flying factories to take over the world. When they carry it to the Sky Factory, however, three smaller crystals, known as "PJ Power Crystals," fall from the PJ Crystal Totem as it gets carried into the factory. The PJ Masks later retrieve it from Romeo, alongside other crystals stolen from both them and Luna Girl (such as Motsuki's crystal).

In "Super Super Cat Speed," when Catboy attempted to increase his speed, he drained the crystal of its power, resulting in Owlette and Gekko losing their powers and transforming back into their civilian identities. In order to fix it, he transferred all of his power back into the totem, despite the risk of losing his powers forever.


  • The PJ Crystal Totem is also known as the Super Crystal and Pyja-Cristal (in French).
  • In "Power Pondweed," it is revealed by Romeo that its energy powered up a batch of pondweed in the moat, apparently setting up Octobella's rivalry with Gekko in the episode of the same name, even though she initially didn't know about said pondweed until he explained it to her.
  • In "Heroes of the Sky," it is revealed that when an animal part of the crystal is drained of its power, the PJ Mask associated with it will lose both their powers and their memories associated with being a PJ Mask, though their other memories (such as knowing each other) stay intact.
    • However, this only seems to apply when a villain drains the PJ Crystal as Catboy did so in "Super Super Cat Speed," and Owlette and Gekko lost their powers, but not their memories.
      • The instance of the PJ Masks losing their memories to a villain draining the PJ Crystal was dropped altogether in "Catboy's Cat" as Owlette and Gekko's memories remained intact.
  • In "Super Super Cat Speed," it is revealed that when a PJ Mask uses too much of their power, the power will be drained out of the crystal and transferred to them, while the other PJ Masks lose their powers.
  • Prior to "Heroes of the Sky," the PJ Crystal Totem originally allowed the PJ Masks to have access to their costume and powers if it is placed on its pedestal in HQ. This is retconned in Season 4 in which it is able to still allow the PJ Masks use their super costumes and powers, especially if it's not placed on its pedestal at all.
  • In "Bubbles Of Badness," it is revealed that when a PJ Mask uses their powers while sufficiently angry, the crystal will grant them a boost of power while making their eyes glow.
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