For the book counterpart where the TV counterpart is based on, see Pyjamasques Quartier Général.

PJ Masks Headquarters

PJ Masks HQ

HQ rocket ship mode

Where the team plans each mission.

The Headquarters (mostly referred to as simply HQ) is where the PJ Masks meet up to discuss the current situation, who's involved, what to do, and which vehicle to take. The building itself is in the shape and form of a totem pole as a disguise from the public.

HQ is located inside the city's park, on a small island surrounded by a pond. The island itself can be accessed by a bridge.

The Headquarters holds the following vehicles:

  • Catboy's Cat Car, a high speed motor vehicle used to drive to the situation's location.
  • Owlette's Owl-Glider, a small red plane for flying above a situation's setting.
  • Gekko's Gekko-Mobile, a large green vehicle with underwater capabilities.

Features & functions

HQ consists of 3 rooms, one for each of the PJ Masks. Catboy's room in the center is the one most frequently visited, since it is here that the PJ Masks discuss their missions.

The 3 sections of HQ can rotate independently form each other.

The 3 symbols on the front side of HQ can open up like doors to let the PJ Masks' vehicles out or back in. HQ can also be accessed through a door in the side, or from underwater.

HQ is equiped with the following features:

  • The PJ Picture Player, a surveillance-like camera to find villains easily. It also contains a touch screen control panel for controling HQ.
  • A forcefield to protect the PJ Picture Player.
  • A rocketship function: This allows HQ to take off like a rocket and fly through the air or even into space. When going into space, HQ can actually transform from a Totem Pole into a more spaceship like apperance. The controls for this spaceship are located in Owlette's HQ room. The rocket function is for total disasters and emergencies only.
  • Fire Furball, a defense mechanism for firing projectile 'furballs'. It is located at Catboy's HQ room.
  • Mega Meow, the more powerful version of the Cat Car's Cat roar.
  • Owl Beam, another defense mechanism for temporarily blinding villains with a bright light. It is located at Owlette's HQ room.
  • Other features and functions include: HQ spin for projectile deflection, and controlling the PJ Masks' vehicles.
  • The crystal: a crystal statue that is the source of the PJ Masks' powers. It was first discovered by PJ Robot in "PJ Power Up".
  • A doorbell: a bell to ring at the ground floor entrance of HQ. Luna Girl was the first to use it, since even the PJ Masks had no idea they had a doorbell.
  • A scaring pose: to scare villains, as seen in "Halloween Tricksters".
  • A beam for each floor of HQ: shoots a light beam so the PJ Masks can see; accidentally revealed by Armadylan in "PJ Dylan".