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Pyjamasques are a franchise of characters that was initially created for French picture books, and gained worldwide popularity on television in 2015. The series focuses on a brave band of heroes who have magic pajamas, and set out to face fiendish villains to stop them messing with everyone's day (and night). The series also gives people the feeling of being able to overcome their fear of nocturnal anxieties and teaches morals on how to be a better person!

This wiki, founded on September 19, 2015, features all kinds of information about the Pyjamasques characters, books, a television series, locations and more! To begin, click on any link on this page or "random page" in the navigation bar to get a surprise page!

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Picture book series

Catboy (Cartoon Continuity)
Gekko (Cartoon Continuity)
Romeo (Cartoon Continuity)

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TV series

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Next book
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Book 29
"Book 29"
To be announced.
"Book 30"
To be announced.
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Next episode
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Season 4, episode 20 "Pharaoh Boy"/"By My Pharaoh Feathers" will premiere on
March 8, 2021 at 5:30 PM ET/4:30 PM CT on Disney Junior.
Pharaoh Boy: PJ Robot is scared of the mystical villain, Pharaoh Boy, but when the PJ Masks need him, he faces his fear.
By My Pharaoh Feathers: Owlette takes offense when Romeo scoffs at the power of her feathers.

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Wiki & series news
  • (10/19/20): As of this date, the PJ Masks Wiki has been completely migrated to the UCP platform. More information can be found here. Due to the major changes the migration has made, the wiki and its guidelines will be updated as necessary to accomodate the changes. We thank you in advance for your future cooperation.
  • (9/18/20): This day marks five years since the official premiere of PJ Masks! The PJ Masks Wiki, founded the next day, also celebrates its fifth anniversary!
  • (5/8/20): Congratulations to five users for making it to the administration team: GhoulGirls90, Spades06, Raspberry30, Blueberry706, and Taeo Baxter!
  • (1/28/20): Season 5 is officially now in production! (Read more...)
  • (1/3/2018): The page for Firefly may not be created due to a DMCA complaint filed by EntertainmentOne. Creation/restoration of said article will likely cause more issues for the wiki and its administration, so please follow our instructions. Contact SirBlaze if you have any questions. For more information, see our "redacted" template.
Les Pyjamasques on Gallimard
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From Season 4, Episode 16A "Octobella's Garden"
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