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"PJ Power Up"
Season 2, episode 8B
(Overall episode #68)
PJ Power Up Title Board.jpeg
Premiere date
United States of America United States of America
April 6, 2018
Written by Lisa Akhurst
Directed by Christian De Vita
Viewer count (millions) TBA
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"PJ Robot"
"Moonstruck: Race to the Moon"

"PJ Power Up" (also known as "Les Pyjamasques et le Super Cristal" in French) is the second segment of the 8th Season 2 episode of PJ Masks.


When PJ Robot discovers a mysterious crystal statue in headquarters, he accidentally knocks it off as he calls Owlette and causes her and the other PJ Masks to lose their powers during a fight with Night Ninja & his Ninjalinos.


The following characters appeared in the episode "PJ Power Up":


The episode begins with school ending for the day. PJ Robot contacts Connor, Amaya, and Greg through Amaya’s tablet and greets them. They are glad to have him on their team, although they are unsure of what he is exactly going to do. Just then, after Greg trips on a downed streetlight while imitating on of PJ Robot’s moon spins, they notice Sticky Splats, which means Night Ninja is up to no good.

PJ Robot is excited to see the PJ Masks that night. He shows them a couple of things that he’s been doing: trying to drive the Cat-Car, trying out new stuff on the PJ Picture Player, and turning one of the walkie-talkies into a video projector. However, he becomes discouraged when one of Catboy’s jobs involves driving his vehicle, the Picture Player malfunctions, and finds out that the team has their intercoms installed in their suits. They encourage him to keep trying, but he is still upset.

The PJ Picture Player suddenly picks up ninja activity; Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos are doing some kind of ritual. The team takes the Owl-Glider to check it out while PJ Robot stays behind, though they don’t know where the ninjas are located. PJ Robot uses this chance to help them figure out their location, but HQ starts malfunctioning, then shuts down when he tries to figure out the Picture Player some more. It results in a mysterious crystal statue with the PJ Masks’ signature animal totems coming out from a section of the floor.

Meanwhile, with Owlette’s Owl Eyes, the team follows a Ninjalino to the museum, where the ninjas are located. The ritual they were practicing earlier is the ancient art of ninja fingers, which is a new power for them to levitate anything, such as the museum they were able to lift up for a brief moment. Night Ninja plans to steal anything he wants from the city with this power. Before the ninjas can resume using it, the team leads them on a chase.

During the chase, as soon as Owlette retrieves Gekko’s walkie-talkie that dropped from him while he was scaling the walls, PJ Robot reports the crystal he found. He focuses the screen on it and hovers closer for Owlette to take a look, though it gives off a bright light that blinds her for a moment before a Ninjalino jumps on her, causing her to drop the communicator. PJ Robot looks to see what’s going on until he bumps into the crystal. It moves from its spot, causing the PJ Masks to transform back into their civilian identities.

Now powerless, Connor, Amaya, and Greg run back to HQ as some of the Ninjalinos chase them and the others steal everything from the city. Amaya shares PJ Robot’s report of finding a crystal while doing something with the PJ Picture Player, which explains the reason why they lost their powers. PJ Robot listens to the kids’ conversation; when he hears them mention that he’s not ready to be a PJ Mask, he gets upset. The kids try to enter HQ, but without the crystal, the building is powerless as well.

The Ninjalinos catch up with the group and chase them around the structure. The kids are about to criticize PJ Robot’s actions, but suddenly realize that he was just trying to help, as evidenced by him trying to drive the Cat-Car, improving Greg’s walkie-talkie, and contacting them. They should have helped him and know that this wasn’t his fault, especially since they themselves also sometimes don’t get things right. This statement causes PJ Robot to perk up, and he decides to transfer most of his battery power to power up the doors so the kids can enter.

Connor, Amaya, and Greg find PJ Robot running low on battery and the powered-up chamber, and quickly realize his sacrifice. As he slowly recovers, he directs their attention towards the crystal. The kids work together to push it back into place; as they do so, it starts glowing and moving. Once back to its chamber, it sends a boost of power towards each PJ Mask member as they transform back into the PJ Masks. They commend PJ Robot, who has now fully recovered, on proving himself, and with newfound confidence and more power, they share their readiness to defeat the villains.

The PJ Masks first arrive at the school. Catboy avoids the Ninjalinos throwing Sticky Splats at him; when he is about to use his powers, he fires a new projectile: Super Cat Stripes. They tie the ninjas down. Next, the team arrives at the playground, where Gekko suddenly appears in front of Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos after using his Super Gekko Camouflage. The ninjas throw Sticky Splats at him, but a new power, Super Gekko Shields, protects him. He uses them to deflect the projectiles toward the villains.

The team soon arrives at the sports hall. After Owlette uses her Owl Wing Wind to blow the remaining ninjas away, Super Owl Feathers start forming. She deflects the Sticky Splats thrown at her, then uses her new power to block the ninjas. One tries to escape and attack the remaining team members, only for him to be easily defeated, and they use the soccer net to trap the villains.

Realizing that the HQ Crystal has granted them new powers, the PJ Masks are ecstatic, and it’s all because of PJ Robot discovering it. Defeated, the ninjas stumble as they make their getaway, and the PJ Masks thank PJ Robot as they celebrate their victory.


  • Don't jump to conclusions.


  • The PJ Masks get their new powers from a mysterious crystal statue, making this episode chronologically set before "Wacky Floats." The new powers are:
    • Super Cat Stripes for Catboy
    • Super Owl Feathers for Owlette
    • Super Gekko Shield for Gekko
    • However, the new powers that the PJ Masks got are actually Les Pyjamasques' powers who already had these new powers before the PJ Masks, which means this episode is chronologically set after Les Pyjamasques et la graine d'Orticia.
    • This also makes Gekko the first character to have something protective.
  • The PJ Crystal makes its first appearance in this episode.
  • Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos get a new power: levitation.
  • Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos discover the PJ Masks' true identities.
  • Although the PJ Masks lost their powers, they are still referred to by their nighttime alter-ego names, by both Night Ninja and each other.
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