PJ Spacesuits

PJ Masks Spacesuits

From "Moonstruck: Lunar Fortress"

The PJ Spacesuits are protective spacesuits worn by the PJ Masks anytime they go into space or to the Moon for a mission.

The suits were first seen in "Moonstruck: Race to the Moon". It's unknown where the PJ Masks got the suits from.

The suits have the following functions:

  • Helmet communication: allows the PJ Masks to communicate with each other.
  • Helmet camera: activates a camera on the helmet so Gekko can see what Catboy and Owlette sees while he guards HQ with PJ Robot.
  • Gravity boots: allows the PJ Masks to stay on the ground.

In "Moon Madness", PJ Robot upgraded the space suits to make sure the PJ Masks' powers would work the same way on the moon as they would on Earth.

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