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PJ MASKS LOGO.png This article is about a counterpart of a character/exclusive character that only exists in the Cartoon Continuity of Les Pyjamasques.

To read about the episode of the same name, see Pharaoh Boy (episode).

For the character's book counterpart, see Apophis.

Pharaoh Boy
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Real Name


Current Alias

Pharaoh Boy



Base of Operations

The World Beyond


Neutral (sometimes)


Secret Identity






Cartoon Continuity


Fly Bots (briefly)
Alley Cat (briefly)
Ninjalinos (briefly)


PJ Robot
Wolfy Kids
Fly Bots
Alley Cat
Newton Star
Luna Girl
Night Ninja


Conquering places
Alley Cat (briefly)
Having servants
Banana smoothies


PJ Masks

Episode debut

"Pharaoh Boy"

Voice actor

United States of America United States of America
Logan Nicholson (Season 4-present)

Pharaoh Boy is an antagonist and one of the nighttime villains, but sometimes an anti-hero, in the television series PJ Masks. He is the mummy of a young king from Ancient Egypt. Most of the time he resides in "The World Beyond," but he can travel to Earth through a portal inside a Sphinx statue in the museum. He first appeared in the Season 4 episode "Pharaoh Boy."

Official Website description

The original boy king, who has found a portal into our world – in the museum. Pharaoh Boy is a total megalomaniac – like Romeo but with strange ancient Egyptian powers and a conviction that he was born to rule. He wants to take over the city and rule it for all time – that’s his one wish, and he pursues it determinedly. This is a boy king to be reckoned with.


Pharaoh Boy is extremely arrogant, believing himself to be the ruler of the world and everyone to be his servants. He thus demands that people obey his orders without question, and can get angry when they refuse.

Motive & Abilities


Pharaoh Boy's motives include taking control of others to do what he says and ruling the world.

Powers & Abilities

  • Staff of Ra: Pharaoh Boy owns the Staff of Ra which grants him various magical abilities, like turning people into his loyal servants or possessing other creatures. As shown in "By My Pharaoh Feathers," he can also combine his staff with the PJ Masks powered projectiles. Since the staff is the source of all his powers, losing the staff renders Pharaoh Boy powerless.
  • Music Skills: Pharaoh Boy has excellent music skills. He was able to use his Saxophone to take control of the Fly Bots and to control his magic Boomerangs using his impressive musical tune.

Physical appearance

Pharaoh Boy is almost identical to Apophis, except his costume is blue and orange instead of black and yellow, his mouth is not covered with bandages while parts of his bandages are repurposed as gauntlets and boots, and he lacks a cobra at his headdress (as his archetypical appearance of a typical mummy is changed to look like a real pharaoh, in order to fit with the other villains' arrogant traits and qualities of the series). His eyes are indigo, compared to his book counterpart's brown eyes. He has dark skin.

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