Potager (English: Vegetable Garden) is a forest that is seen in the book "Les Pyjamasques et la soupe à la citrouille".


The forest is located near Tarabiscoville where Yoyo, Bibou and Gluglu reside.

Potager is mostly made up of a forest that is said to be dangerous in the night. It was inhabited by monsters known as Monstre Citrouilles that roam in the forest who are trying to find children who enter the woods to become their monster food, however, most of the inhabitants were eaten when Classic Yoyo bravely distracts the monsters in order to defend Les Pyjamasques from being eaten.

The Kitchen Guardian contains a cauldron of soup that is claimed to be "magic" by Lilifée. A stone path is applied to show where the soup is located. But it was discovered that the soup didn't made them brave, what the soup was truly about was teaching any potential finders the value of bravery.

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