For the mainstream counterpart of this universe, see Soft Reboot Continuity.

For the present version of this universe, see Cartoon Continuity.

Pre-Cartoon Continuity


Pre-Cartoon Yoyo, Pre-Cartoon Bibou and Pre-Cartoon Gluglu, the main three of the inhabitants of the Pre-Cartoon Continuity.

Pre-Cartoon Continuity is a precursor universe and past version of the Cartoon Continuity where the test pilot episodes of the PJ Masks takes place. This continuity is considered closed since the producers were persuaded by many fans to replace the pre-cartoon counterparts of the characters with characters who look like superheroes. It is the home dimension of the pre-cartoon counterparts of Les Pyjamasques.


The Pre-Cartoon Continuity is the past version of the Cartoon Continuity, having the same locations and characters. However, it is unknown what its setting, atmosphere and other residents looked like, as well as its events since the test pilot episodes are currently unaired.

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