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Two examples of Les Pyjamasques and their contemporary counterparts confronting a villain.

Prosecution is the term that is used to describe Les Pyjamasques and the PJ Masks, confronting, questioning or fighting against a villain from preventing them from doing any harm.


In Les Pyjamasques

First, when Les Pyjamasques notice any suspicious activity of a villain while doing Acrobats or a different activity, they will investigate immediately.

Once Les Pyjamasques reached the investigation scene to confront the villain with their acrobatic tactics. They would either do this by questioning the villain as normal in which the villain will respond what plan they're initiating, or Les Pyjamasques would jump straight to combat by launching an unpredictable surprise attack (in occasions).

When the villain finishes explaining their plan, Les Pyjamasques will immediately attack the villain by using the best of their abilities and powers to prevent the villain from achieving their goal in a long, intense fight sequence. In most cases, there will be a temporary slowdown of a fight sequence whenever the villain manages to overpower the heroes, then the slowdown would cease once the heroes recover quickly and come up with a better/revelation plan that is often manipulative against the villain.

In PJ Masks

Like Les Pyjamasques, the PJ Masks will notice any suspicious activity of a villain, but only in the daytime, and would decide to investigate later in the night.

However, unlike Les Pyjamasques, the PJ Masks would need to take a vehicle to get to the destination of the investigation, and would investigate the villain as normal or convince them to stop the villain's activity.

Unlike Les Pyjamasques' strategy on immediately going into heavy combat, the PJ Masks will make an elaborate plan on how their attack strategy will work against the villain.

In comparison with fight sequences seen in Les Pyjamasques books, it is noticeable that they'll be fight sequences that aren't as intense and long in the PJ Masks series, such as having more temporary slowdowns of a fight sequence caused by one of the PJ Masks members outdoing the trio's efforts.

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