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Bibou attacking Sorceline

Pyja-Magic is magical energy and abilities possessed by the Totem Animals that is used by the children who are chosen to serve as their friends. This term originated in "Les Pyjamasques et la momie d’Apophis, Tome II."


Pyja-Magic varies depending on which Totem Animal is temporarily occupying the owner's pajamas. It serves as the primary power for the Noctambules-masques to use for defense and/or navigation, and its source directly originates from the Totem Animal itself.

As seen in "Le cristal des Pyjamasques," it is speculated that Les Pyjamasques' crystal contains Pyja-Magic, and is the source for the Totem Animals. This is later assumed to be false.

PJ Power

PJ Power is the sci-fi version of Pyja-Magic. It exclusively serves as the power to the contemporary types of Noctambules-masques. Unlike Pyja-Magic, PJ Power is considered a superpower instead of actual magic, and it is linked to multiple sources such as the PJ Crystal Totem, and the pajamas in which the user is associated with. It can also be transferred and drained by people who obtain the powers.


The abilities granted by the Totem Animals as well as other power sources, depends on their animal route:

  • Whenever the user is granted Pyja-Magic from their animal totem, their name of their power starts with their nighttime alter-ego or animal name and ends with an action or attack. Examples include "Yoyo Acrobasaut", "Bibou Tornado" or "Gluglu Main Collante".
    • While the latter is granted PJ Power, the name of their power starts with complementary superhero phrases such as "Super" or "Thunder" and ends with an action or attack. Examples include "Super Cat Speed", "Super Owl Wings" or "Super Gekko Muscles".


  • There are a few of the Noctambules-masques' costumes that can glow at a lighter color of their costume's signature color when using Pyja-Magic or PJ Power, while the rest of the costumes can disperse a trail of colorful magic dust.
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