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Pyjamasques or Les Pyjamasques is the French - dubbed version of PJ Masks. It is aired on France 5's Zouzous block and Disney Junior (France).


Season Premiere
1 France 5:
December 12, 2015


American English names French names
Connor/Catboy Sacha/Yoyo
Amaya/Owlette Amaya/Bibou
Greg/Gekko Greg/Gluglu
PJ Robot Pyja-Robot
Romeo Roméo
Robot Robot
Robette Robette
Luna Girl Sorceline
Night Ninja Ninjaka
Motsuki Motsuki
Howler Scarloup
Rip Loune
Kevin Tiloup
Armadylan Tatouro'Tom
An Yu Flamme Rouge
Ninjalinos Ninjazouaves
Moths Papinuits
Teeny Weeny Ninjaminus/Mini-Ninjazouave


Season 1

# American English title French title
Title Translation
1A Blame it on the Train, Owlette Bibou et le train supersonique Bibou and the Supersonic Train


Pyjamasques - Générique

Pyjamasques - Générique


  • Pyjamasques literally means "pyjama masks," with pyja being short for pyjama.
  • Les Pyjamasques is occasionally used as an alternate title.
  • In Zouzous airings, the intro is shortened and features three silhouettes of the PJ Masks daytime identities saying their French names of their superhero identities at the beginning of the intro.
  • The French names for the PJ Masks originated in the original Pyjamasques book adaptation.
  • In various episodes, the dialogue has been rewritten to be more drastic and formal, additional dialogue has been added, and parts of the dialogue has been altered or omitted based on the visible actions made by the characters in the show as well as making their actions look more dynamic and realistic at the same time.
  • The French voice portrayals of the heroes are changed to have the heroes sound energetic and younger to match their book counterparts' personalities, in contrast to their adolescent voice portrayals in the U.S version of the show.
    • While the French voice portrayals changed the villains to have a more intimidating and darker-tone voice.
  • The dub eliminates direct references from the comics by Marvel, specifically the names of the characters, vehicles etc.
  • Unlike the original undubbed version, the French dub's voice actors are more consistent, since the producers would replace a voice actor after they have reached the end of puberty.
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