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Pyjamasques or Les Pyjamasques is the French-dubbed version of PJ Masks. It is aired on France 5's Zouzous block and Disney Junior (France).


Season Premiere
1 France 5:
December 12, 2015


American English names French names
Connor/Catboy Sacha/Yoyo
Amaya/Owlette Amaya/Bibou
Greg/Gekko Greg/Gluglu


Season 1

# American English title French title
Title Translation
1A Blame it on the Train, Owlette Bibou et le train supersonique Bibou and the Supersonic Train


Pyjamasques - Générique

Pyjamasques - Générique


  • Pyjamasques literally means "pyjama masks," with pyja being short for pyjama.
  • Les Pyjamasques is occasionally used as an alternate title.
  • In Zouzous airings, the intro is shortened and features three silhouettes of the PJ Masks daytime identities saying their French names of their superhero identities at the beginning of the intro.
  • The French names for the PJ Masks originated in the original Pyjamasques book adaptation.
  • In various episodes, certain parts of the character's dialogue in the French dub has been altered.
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