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Classic Pyjamasques


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PJ Masks (pilot episode)
Les Pyjamasques (former name)



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Each other
Lilifée (love interest)
Les Mascrapules (sometimes)
Sorceline (sometimes)


Roméo Mécano
Les Mascrapules (rivals)
Marchand de sable
Machine à bisous (formerly)
Pumpkin Monsters
Ogrechou (formerly)
Magistère la sorcière


Stopping villains
Discovering folklores and legends
Caring for each other
Making things right
Playing acrobats
Making things right


Arguing for Lilifée's affections
Les Mascrapules (arch-rival)


They have met in school and obtained their magical costumes from their animal totems after Sorceline captured all of the Animal totems for herself

Place of Formation


Debut appearance

"Les Pyjamasques et le Grogarou"

The Pyjamasques, formerly known as Les Pyjamasques, are the three main protagonists of their own series of picture books.


Long before the events of the book series, the Pyjamasques met each other in school, and were originally average children.

In "La Légende des Pyjamasques", during the events after Sorceline used her powers to capture the animal totems, three animal totems escaped from capture in which they proclaimed their promise to find three children who would bring back their legend.

Thanks to Sorceline injuring the animal totems with her magnet's lightning powers, they unintentionally landed at Sacha, Amaya and Greg's homes and chosen the kids to revive their legend. As of this, they would become Yoyo, Bibou and Gluglu.

During their first encounter with Sorceline, they would learn that according to their legend, they had to help rescue the rest of the kids' animal totems.

Eventually, they succeeded on freeing the animal totems to revive the legend, and trapped Sorceline and the rest of her Mitomites inside her magical sack from returning to steal the rest of the children's animal totems again.

Book description

While everyone sleeps, three little masked heads poke out the tips of their noses! These are Les Pyjamasques! Instead of being in bed, they wander at night. Yoyo leaps and bounces everywhere like a rubber ball, Gluglu runs on the walls without ever breaking his figure, and Bibou, thanks to her wings, flies in the sky!

These children are not sleepy! As soon as night falls, they put on their strange pajamas. And here they are outside playing like acrobats! But do they not know that when the moon is round, other creatures roam in the dark and roar?


The Pyjamasques will fight and overcome various nighttime villains who would often look like a big nightmare, such as monsters, witches, thieves and various individuals.


The Pyjamasques consist of:

  • Yoyo (Sacha): A kid in a cat-costume with acrobatic agility and super-speed. He drives the Chat-Bolide. His magic pajamas are light blue and has ears and a tail.
  • Bibou (Amaya): A girl in a owl-costume with flying abilities and a special ability to shoot feathers from the owl wings. She is the only female member of the group and flies the Astro-Hibou. Her magic pajamas are red and has an owl mask with feathered wings on her back.
  • Gluglu (Greg): A boy in a lizard-costume with the ability to stick at walls and ceilings, the ability to camouflage, and is the most efficient on hand-to-hand combat.
  • Pyja-Robot: The fourth member of the group. Currently, nothing is known about him right now as he hasn't debuted in the picture books yet, except that he appeared in the official Les Pyjamasques coloring wall.


In general, the Pyjamasques tend to be whimsical, adventurous, playful and friendly. They tend to be inquisitive and curious on discovering and experiencing mythologies and legends during their adventures such as Egyptian mythologies.

The Pyjamasques tend to frown upon anybody whom lacks gratitude on what they have, such as Les Mascrapules, Sorceline and Roméo Mécano.

As revealed in "Les Pyjamasques et le robot-blizzard", when idle, they will search for a villain to fight. The Pyjamasques also show greater focus and better skills on fighting villains than the PJ Masks and everyone else.

In fact, during combat, the Pyjamasques tend to use a combined range of hand-to-hand combat, their powers, and manipulating villains, in order to put extra effort on saving the day.

Since this is the case, the Pyjamasques' heroic standards are more righteous and somewhat stern than the PJ Masks;

  • The Pyjamasques are never afraid or hesitant on giving the villains severe punishment for their actions:
    • In "Les Pyjamasques au zoo", Gatzo was imprisoned in a cage by the heroes (with the help of the freed animals of the zoo), then they banished him from doing any harm to the animals by attaching several balloons to his cage and flew away out of sight.
    • In "Les Pyjamasques et Roméo Mécano", Les Pyjamasques defeated Roméo by allowing Grogarou to change back to his werewolf form and flung him and his invention to deep outer space, with some help from the zodiac constellations.
    • In "La Légende des Pyjamasques", Sorceline was trapped in her magical bag and had her costume fed to the Mitomites for imprisoning everyone's animal totems and threatening to take away Les Pyjamasques own animal totems too.
    • In "Les Pyjamasques et la graine d'Orticia", the heroes threatened Orticia that she'll be planted in a flower pot and tangled to Yoyo's stripes.
  • In addition, they are capable of planning unpredictable and sneaky moves (e.g. using their vehicle to run over Roméo Mécano while piloting his robot, tricking Sorceline to being received presents for her birthday, etc.)


  • It's obvious in nighttime that they start thinking more like animals when wearing their costumes. They are able to roam and move across the city like a nocturnal animal would, jump, climb on all four legs or fly with their feet not apart whenever they're using their powers and having occasional stances relating to an animal's pose (as seen in "Les Pyjamasques et le cadeau de Sorceline").
  • Due to the preschool level of Les Pyjamasques book series and its continuity, the trio is not interested on being invisible to the public like typical superheroes would normally do in superhero comic books. It can be revealed in some of their appearances:
  • Like Les Pyjamasques and PJ Masks, the past counterparts of Les Pyjamasques never worked during the daytime.
  • Like the PJ Masks, the Pyjamasques never worked during the daytime.
  • Unlike the PJ Masks and many typical superheroes, the Pyjamasques will not need to use bracelets to turn into their superhero alter-egos.
    • Yoyo, Bibou and Gluglu will need to have their animal totems to turn into their superhero alter-egos.
  • Unlike the PJ Masks and typical superhero teams, there is no hierarchy for the Pyjamasques trio due to the themes of the picture book series.
  • According to the Zouzous website, Les Pyjamasques are all 7 years old. Therefore, they are older than the PJ Masks.
  • Unlike the rest of the Noctambules-masques, Les Pyjamasques' costumes can leave a trail of magic dust that matches their signature colors (as emphasized in "Les Pyjamasques et la momie d’Apophis, Tome I").
  • It is possible that the past counterparts of Les Pyjamasques had originated from a folk region known as "nagual" which links to Aztec myths.

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