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"Race Up Mystery Mountain"
Season 2, episode 12A
(Overall episode #75)
Race Up to Mystery Mountain title card.png
Premiere date
United States of America United States of America
June 22, 2018
Written by Tom Stevenson
Directed by Christian De Vita
Viewer count (millions) TBA
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"The Mountain Prisoner"

"Race Up Mystery Mountain" is the first segment of the 12th episode in Season 2 episode of PJ Masks.


The PJ Masks seek to stop Night Ninja from stealing a magical ring hidden at the top of Mystery Mountain.


The following characters appeared in the episode "Race Up Mystery Mountain":


The episode starts off with Connor, Amaya, and Greg at the museum. An ancient scroll has just been discovered, which tells the legend of a magical gold ring at the top of Mystery Mountain and its power to give the bearer ultimate “ninjability.” However, the scroll is gone from its display. What’s left is a couple of ropes hanging from the ceiling, which means Night Ninja wants to find the mountain and get the ring to obtain ultimate power.

That night, the surveillance cameras show the ninjas running towards the back of the museum. PJ Robot asks the PJ Masks if he can come with them because he can help decipher the scroll. The team allows him, with the promise of not getting into any trouble, and take off into town on their PJ Rovers.

Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos, along with Teeny Weeny, are at the end of the alleyway. There is a portal to Mystery Mountain on the wall in front of them, which must be opened up. Night Ninja looks around, but gets impatient, and hurts his foot when he kicks the wall. He commands Teeny Weeny to open up the portal, and he takes a look at the ancient scroll. He does a ritual that features multiple hands signs and ends it with drawing an infinity symbol with his two fingers. The wall opens up, revealing the portal to Mystery Mountain.

The PJ Masks, who have been spying at the ninjas from behind, suddenly fall down. It catches the ninjas’ attention, and they run inside the portal, leaving the team behind as it closes. However, PJ Robot was able to record the ritual that Teeny Weeny performed earlier. He plays the recording and draws the infinity symbol at the end in front of the wall, and the portal opens up again. Grateful that PJ Robot joined them for this mission, the PJ Masks speed through the portal on their rovers. They are awestruck at the breathtaking surroundings upon their arrival to Mystery Mountain.

Catboy uses his Cat Ears to hear the ninjas just ahead of them. However, since the ring is at the top of the mountain, Owlette begins to fly up to retrieve it. Storm clouds suddenly appear, though, forcing her to land as the lightning strikes. The PJ Masks decide to go after the ninjas, and they drive off, until their vehicles get stuck in a puddle of mountain sticky splat. Nevertheless, they have arrived at the edge of the bamboo forest, so they continue their pursuit on foot.

Halfway up the mountain, the ninjas arrive at a cave, which Teeny Weeny checks out to ensure it is a shortcut. They hear Catboy’s voice and look over the ledge to see the PJ Masks running to catch up with them. The Ninjalinos throw their sticky splats at them, which Gekko deflects with his Super Gekko Shields. Teeny Weeny confirms the cave shortcut, and the ninjas run in the cave. Night Ninja commands a Ninjalino to stay behind and guide the PJ Masks away from the top.

The team approaches the Ninjalino. He prepares to fight them, then begins pointing in different directions, but finally decides to sit down and meditate. PJ Robot gestures that the other ninjas must have gone up, so Catboy scales the mountain, declaring that the Ring of Ninjability will be his. Night Ninja overhears this, and throws a couple of sticky splat vines hanging from the side of the mountain. Catboy begins to lose his balance when one hits him, but Owlette pushes him back up, only for her to get stuck.

As Gekko climbs up the mountain, grabs Owlette’s hand, and starts pulling her out, Catboy continues up the summit with PJ Robot. The ninjas are at the top, where Night Ninja is attempting to open a gate. He tries slamming himself against it when the two heroes arrive, but he falls down on top of the Ninjalinos and knocks Teeny Weeny over the mountain. PJ Robot is able to save him in time.

It now becomes a race between Catboy and Night Ninja on who is going to grab the ring first. The Ninjalinos help Night Ninja up to the top of the gates, while Catboy leaps after him. A big pagoda with very big tiles and dragon statues lining the path comes into view. Since the ring must be in there, the two jump down and start walking to the entrance while arguing along the way. Suddenly, one of the large tiles moves when Night Ninja steps on one. The eyes on the dragon statues light up, turn towards the boys, and shoot out dragon tongue splat at them.

Catboy and Night Ninja dodge the tongues and run to the pagoda. One of the tongues grabs Night Ninja’s leg, and it throws him around. Catboy is about to advance some more towards the building since the ring is at a close distance to him. He steps on another trap, and another dragon statue is activated. He jumps up to avoid its tongue splat, and soars towards Night Ninja and grabs his hand to save him. Another tongue grabs his leg, though.

Owlette and Gekko finally arrive at the gates as PJ Robot and Teeny Weeny indicate what is going on inside. They take a look at the scroll for instructions on how to open the gate, and switch the lock to the three symbols indicated there. The gate opens up to show Catboy and Night Ninja getting tugged. Owlette grabs Night Ninja, while Gekko catches Catboy as he is pulled down.

Everyone escapes the dragon tongue splats and safely exits the gates. Night Ninja gets angry at Teeny Weeny for not telling him of an easier way inside, and that PJ Robot helped him figure it out. He attempts to go back through, but the gates close before he could do so. Catboy is also upset at this, but decides they will have to get the ring another time. The mountain suddenly begins to rumble after all the commotion. It shoots out mountain sticky splat, forcing everyone to take cover in the forest, though splat continues to rain down everywhere.

The ninjas run towards the portal, while the PJ Masks quickly get their PJ Rovers unstuck from the splat puddle. They ride into the portal, PJ Robot taking Teeny Weeny with him as he drops the scroll. Night Ninja stops to grab it as the Ninjalinos go through as well, but Catboy uses his Super Cat Stripes to pull him through to prevent him from going back up the mountain. Night Ninja is defeated, but he promises to get the ring next time. All the ninjas jump away, Teeny Weeny waving goodbye as they do so.

The PJ Masks are amazed at what they saw tonight. The legend of Mystery Mountain is real, and there are so many secrets and powers the place is holding. Even though their trip is finished for now, it is certain they will come back again in the future, especially if Night Ninja is involved. With that, the PJ Masks cheer their signature victory phrase, and the episode ends.


  • Great power belongs in the hands of a hero.


  • This is the first appearance of Mystery Mountain, and Night Ninja is the first villain to be there.
  • Teeny Weeny makes his returning appearance since "Catboy and the Teeny Weeny Ninjalino."
  • This marks the second time that Teeny Weeny works with the PJ Masks.
  • Despite the PJ Masks defeating Night Ninja at the end of the episode, they failed to retrieve the scroll to Mystery Mountain that Night Ninja had stolen due to the fact that they've changed the focus of the mission to get the Ring of Ninjability instead. This is proven true, because in "Wolfy Mountain," Night Ninja mentions the scroll, which he claims to be his.
  • This is the first time the PJ Masks use the PJ Rovers on Earth, even though they were originally used for the moon.
  • The name of this episode is similar to the movie Race to Witch Mountain.
  • This is Teeny Weeny's only appearance in Season 2.
  • PJ Robot meets Teeny Weeny for the first time.
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