Ring of Ninjability

Ring of Ninjability

The ring accidentally falling off of Night Ninja's finger

The Ring of Ninjability is a ring that could supposedly give the bearer three times the power. It was held in the pagoda on Mystery Mountain, but its location currently remains unknown. It makes its first appearance in the Season 2 episode "Race Up Mystery Mountain".

In "Race Up Mystery Mountain", Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos went to Mystery Mountain to steal the magical ring but the PJ Masks prevented them from getting it.

In "The Mountain Prisoner", after having failed to retrieve the ring, Night Ninja forced the PJ Masks to get it for him by capturing PJ Robot. The ring is revealed to have no powers, but is only a trophy to prove that the person has three times more power. After a duel between the heroes and the villains, the ring slips off Night Ninja's finger, and it falls into the hole where PJ Robot tunneled out of.

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