PJ MASKS LOGO.png This article is about a counterpart of a character/exclusive character that only exists in the Cartoon Continuity of Les Pyjamasques.

For his mainstream counterpart, see Robot.


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Non-Binary (called he/him)




PJ Robot (formerly)
Fly Bots
Armadylan (formerly)
Night Ninja (sometimes)
Ninjalinos (sometimes)
Luna Girl (sometimes)
Catboy (sometimes)
Owlette (sometimes)
Gekko (sometimes)
Octobella (possibly)


PJ Robot
Luna Girl and her moths
Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos
Wolfy Kids
An Yu
Newton Star


Following his boss' orders
All-In-One Power Belt
The PJ Masks (sometimes)


The PJ Masks
Disappointing his boss
Water (formerly)
Being mistreated by his boss
Newton Star

Episode debut

"Owlette and the Flash Flip Trip"

Voice actor

United States of America United States of America
Canada Canada
Ron Pardo
France France

The Robot is Romeo's self-created personal servant and the main villain sidekick of the PJ Masks series. His most notable ability is his very long and stretchy arms which are often used to quickly get Romeo from place to place. It is around 3-4 times larger than Romeo. It is one of the few inventions made by Romeo that has the ability to speak.

He is considered to be the cartoon counterpart of Robot from an alternate universe.

An alternate version of Robot named Robette was introduced in "Catboy and Gekko's Robot Rampage."


Robot is very respectful and performs tasks for Romeo such as bringing him from place-to-place. Similar to how Luna Girl is with her moths, Romeo tends to mistreat him and acts stubborn towards his warnings about the PJ Masks although he does sometimes treat Robot with kindness. It is possible that he is Romeo's only friend.


  • Extendable Arms & Legs: Robot can stretch his arms and legs. Unlike his book counterpart, Robot is able to speak, developed by Romeo.
  • Shrink Rays: He can shoot shrink rays out of one of his fingers, as seen in the episode "Nobody's Sidekick," which causes anything to instantly shrink. However, Robot uses this ability very rarely.
  • Force Field Rays: Robot can also shoot force field rays out of his eye which he uses to capture his opponents inside a force field bubble, as seen in the episode "Wolfy Powers."
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