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Robot Controller

From Season 2, Episode 8A "PJ Robot" and Season 4, Episode 17B "Robo-Wolf"

The Robot Controller is a remote invented by Romeo that allows him to control any robot and do what he says.

It was first introduced in the Season 2 episode "PJ Robot," where Romeo created one for the titular character of the episode after inventing him to make him do what he says. However, during the climax of the episode, PJ Robot was eventually able to resist his control due to his friendship with and desire to be part of the PJ Masks.

In the Season 4 episode "Robo-Wolf," Romeo made one for Robot to control his every move, much to his dislike. Kevin steals it, believing it can power up the robot he created, but Romeo accuses the PJ Masks of the theft and uses his Truth Ray on them to confess with no success. After finding out that the remote works on Robot and he resets after a brief fight, Howler and Rip use it on him to make him do whatever they want. It was later destroyed after Robot, who resets again, hits it out of their grasp.