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Yoyo, Bibou and Gluglu (mostly)
Ninjaka and his Ninjazouaves
Grigri, Zina and Ulbert


Sabotaging Tarabiscoville's school
His inventions


Getting zero points for homework
Being laughed at by the Tarabiscoville school students

Debut appearance

"Les Pyjamasques et Roméo Mécano" (as his precursor counterpart)

Voice actor


Roméo Mécano (also known as Roméo) (English name: Mechanic Romeo) is a crazy mechanic who plans on sabotaging the school with inventions or anything. He is considered the main villain of Les Pyjamasques picture book series.

Official description

Roméo detests mockery. So, once he gets home he puts on his lab coat and becomes Roméo Mécano, the most infernal of inventors. He takes out his tools and moves in all directions.

Capable of real technical prowess, Roméo Mécano is so blinded by his own genius that he always ends up whining. Unlike Les Pyjamasques and other bad guys, Roméo Mécano had neither super powers, nor magical superhero outfit. But he does not need it because his scientific genius is enough for him!

Dressed in his white blouse, this outstanding inventor is able to develop and build any marvel of technology. The only problem is that Roméo Mécano's ego is just as oversized as his intelligence, so much so that he megalomania always pushes him to use his inventions to become master of the world! Roméo Mécano is the archetype of the crazy scientist, child version: where an average villain would just jump into a puddle to splash someone, Roméo Mécano prefers to build a machine that splashes siphon all over the ocean! And why a little friend's lunch when we can actually create an invention to steal an entire restaurant!

For Roméo Mécano, you always have to see and do things big - as big as his genius! Roméo Mécano gives a lot of trouble to Les Pyjamasques with his findings more and more crazy: transform the city ice, shrink his enemies, put our heroes in slow motion to take them speed. At this rate, Roméo Mécano may well had to achieve his of goal of becoming master of the world! He is the head, and his Robot is the legs. This metal mate brings to Roméo Mécano the brute force that he lacks and helps him in his adventures.

Fortunately for our heroes, Robot has a good background that Les Pyjamasques sometimes manage to update. It may prove useful to prevent Roméo Mécano to found his empire: Roméo-opolis! But even if Les Pyjamasques do not try to do it, Roméo Mécano never gives up. He will have them one day, he will have them! He will only be even smarter next time because next time there will be inevitably, and this time for sure he will become a master of the world! Roméo Mécano never admits defeat.

Motive & abilities


Roméo Mécano's motive is the second villain who has a clear motive is to damage and destroy Tarabiscoville's School. However, the Pyjamasques, who like their school, will do their best to thwart his plans as possible. He has created various inventions such as the Robot Demolisher and Orticia to assist him with his plans, however, this had always failed like his TV counterpart.


He has an extendable mechanical arm at his bag strapped to his back, and the mechanical arm can grab or pick up objects.


Roméo Mécano is good on making inventions and he isn't physically combative. But he can get extremely enraged when it comes to him getting mocked by the school after getting zeroes and whenever he's being defeated by the Pyjamasques. He never accepts his fate that he is defeated and doesn't let things go.

Physical appearance

Roméo Mécano wears a white mechanic coat with a bag strapped to his back. Along with his coat, he wears blue covered gloves, blue shoes, white pants, and he is sometimes seen wearing black goggles whenever he's inventing something or piloting his Robot Demolisher. Romeo has fair skin, blue eyes and a blue spiky hairdo with a white streak just over his left eye.

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