Season 1

Blame it on the Train, Owlette

Owlette and the Flash Flip Trip

Catboy and the Pogo Dozer

Owlette's Terrible Pterodactyl Trouble

Catboy and the Shrinker

Speak UP, Gekko!

Catboy VS. Robo-Cat

Gekko and the Missing Gekko-Mobile

Gekko's Nice Ice Plan

Gekko and the Mighty Moon Problem

Clumsy Catboy

Catboy and Gekko's Robot Rampage

Gekko and the Mayhem at the Museum

Catboy Takes Control

Gekko Floats

Catboy's Two-Wheeled Wonder

Owlette's New Move

Supersonic Owlette

Owlette of a Kind

Catboy Squared

Slowpoke Gekko

Season 2


Catboy's Cuddly

Catboy Does it Again

Terrible Two-Some

Owlette's Luna Trouble

PJ Pinball


Wacky Floats

Romeo's Disguise

PJ Robot

Robot's Pet Cat

Gekko, Master of the Deep

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May the Best Power Win


Catboy No More

Invisible Owlette

Romeo's Crystal Clear Plan

Nobody's Sidekick

Power Pondweed

The Lizard Theft

PJ Dylan

Armadylan'd and Dangerous

Romeo's Action Toys


Gekko and the Opposite Ray

PJ Masks vs. Bad Guys United

Season 3

Armadylan and Robette Rule

PJ Comet

Glowy Moths

Robot Goes Wrong

The Moon Prix

Owlette Slips Up


Super Cat Speed


Super Moves Dance Party

All Skills

Super Singing Heroes

A Job For All


Catboy Improvises

Cat-Car Chaos

Gekko-Mobile Mischief

Owl-Glider Gliding

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