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Season 3 is the third season of PJ Masks. The sources confirmed and announced the third season on January 22, 2018, a week after Season 2 premiered.[1] It was intended to be set to premiere in June 2019, but according to sources it was then pushed forward to April 19,[2] and finished premiering on March 13, 2020.

It premiered in France on August 30, 2019.

Episode guide

Episode # Episode Title Original air date Production code
1 Moon Madness April 19, 2019 301
2 Armadylan and Robette Rule; Armadylan Zen April 26, 2019 302
3 Way of the Woofy; Werejalinos May 3, 2019 303
4 PJ Comet; Glowy Moths May 17, 2019 304
5 Teacher Goes Ninja; Robot Goes Wrong May 31, 2019 305
6 Lionel's Powers; Best Friends Forever June 7, 2019 306
7 Meet An Yu June 21, 2019 307
8 The Moon Prix; Pirates Ahoy! July 5, 2019 308
9 The Secret of the Pagoda; Storm of the Ninja July 12, 2019 309
10 Arma-Leader; Owlette Slips Up July 19, 2019 310
11 The Splat Monster August 2, 2019 311
12 Moth on the Moon; Fly Me To The Moon August 30, 2019 312
13 Luna's Cosmic Tantrum; Motsuki The Best September 6, 2019 313
14 Wheels of a Hero; Moonwolfy September 20, 2019 314
15 Clash on Mystery Mountain; A Teeny Weeny Problem October 11, 2019 315
16 Take Romeo Off The Road; Mission: PJ Seeker October 18, 2019 316
17 Wolfy Powers; Do The Gekko November 8, 2019 317
18 Armadylan, Action Hero; Super Muscles Show Off November 15, 2019 318
19 The Prank Wheelz; Where's The Wolf Wheelz? November 22, 2019 319
20 Villain of the Sky; Protector of the Sky December 6, 2019 320
21 The PJ Masks Save Christmas December 6, 2019 321
22 Romeo's Melody; PJ Robot Takes Control January 10, 2020 322
23 PJ Sky Pirates; The Disappearing Ninjas January 17, 2020 323
24 Gekko Everywhere; Gekko Takes Charge January 24, 2020 324
25 Big Sister Motsuki; PJ Party Crasher February 7, 2020 325
26 Master of the Moat; PJ Robot Vs. Romeo March 13, 2020 326

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  • The third season majorly focuses on the temporary transformation of already-existing characters; these characters would be Teeny Weeny and Kevin (briefly).
  • Starting with "Moon Madness," Season 3 also seems to majorly focus on crystals.
  • The episodes that end in the day are toned down drastically to the point where there's almost no episodes with this feature.
    • In a similar fashion, episode title cards that feature a PJ Masks' name has been toned down to the point where there are almost no episode titles mentioning a hero's name.
  • It is noticed in some scenes where an episode begins in the night, the PJ Masks no longer wear their pajamas before the transformation and now wear their daytime outfits.
    • This was previously seen in Season 2, but it wasn't as frequent than Season 3.
  • Luna Girl starts to be called by her nickname, "Luna," more than her full name.
  • This is the last season Kyle Harrison Breitkopf voices Gekko.
  • As of this season and onwards, the episode title cards are no longer color-coded depending on what character is focusing. The title cards will now always be highlighted blue (with the exception of "Lionel's Powers" for this season, as it is highlighted green).
  • As of this season and onwards, the intensity of the missions the PJ Masks faced in some of the episodes toned down to feature little or no fighting sequences and focused more on the main problem in most parts of the episode.
    • It also featured plotlines that wouldn't normally happen as part of the series' premise, as well as parts of the plotlines that look unnecessary and pointless.
      • In response to these flaws of the series, some of the viewers disliked certain episodes that had those aspects.
  • Some of the voice actors for Season 2 have been replaced in this season, though they have stayed for a portion of it.
  • Catboy, Romeo and Night Ninja's voices are noticeably deeper this season due to Jacob Ursomarzo, Carter Thorne and Devan Cohen going through puberty.


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