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Season 4 is the fourth season of PJ Masks. It was announced on June 5, 2019.[1] The source confirmed that they have started shooting on November 1, 2018 and ended on November 30, 2019.[2] It was intended to be set to premiere in April 2020,[3] but it was then moved back to May 15,[4] most likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It opened up with a 4-part story arc[5] and finished premiering with a 2-part story arc on June 7, 2021.

In France, the season premiered in September 5, 2020.

Season overview

Season Episodes Start date End date Average viewers (millions)
4 48 May 15, 2020 June 7, 2021

Episode guide

Episode # Episode Title Original air date Production code
1 Heroes of the Sky May 15, 2020 401
2 Who Let the Moths In?; Commander Meow May 29, 2020 402
3 Motsuki's Missing Sister; Not so Ninja June 15, 2020 403
4 PJ Party Mountain; Wolfies of the Pagoda July 6, 2020 404
5 Master Fang's Secret; Aerodylan July 20, 2020 405
6 Asteroid Accident; All About Asteroids August 3, 2020 406
7 Romeo's Space Machine; Newton and the Ninjas August 17, 2020 407
8 Missing Space Rock; Flying Factory Out of Control August 31, 2020 408
9 Munki-gu; Munki-gu in the City September 14, 2020 409
10 Mission Munki-gu; Legend of the Wolfy Bone October 5, 2020 410
11 Gekko Vs Armavillain; Super Super Cat Speed October 19, 2020 411
12 Munki-gu's Dragon; Gekko Loves Lionel November 2, 2020 412
13 Octobella; Octo-Trouble November 16, 2020 413
14 Star Buddies; To the Moon and Back November 30, 2020 414
15 Magnet in the Moat; Motsuki Bugs Out December 7, 2020 415
16 Octobella's Garden; Sploshy Splash January 11, 2021 416
17 Teeny Weeny Returns; Robo-Wolf January 25, 2021 417
18 The Labours of Armadylan; Lost in Space February 8, 2021 418
19 The Power of Monkey Chatter; The Secret of Monkey Goodness February 22, 2021 419
20 Pharaoh Boy; By My Pharaoh Feathers March 8, 2021 420
21 Pharaoh's Chariot; PJ Robot Malfunction March 15, 2021 421
22 The Mysterious Masks; Battle Of The Fangs March 22, 2021 422
23 Catboy's Cat; Mad With Moon Power March 29, 2021 423
24 Pharaoh and The Ninjalinos; Pharaoh's Boomerangs May 31, 2021 424
25 Bubbles Of Badness June 7, 2021 425

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  • The season introduces several new features. These include:
    • New characters: Newton Star, Munki-gu, Mabel, Octobella (Full-bodied appearance), Percival and Pharaoh Boy.[6]
      • Both the first and fifth mentioned characters have had their designs revealed at the aforementioned Toy Fair, while the second and third characters' CGI designs were revealed on YouTube, and the fourth character had his design revealed in the activity page on the official website.
    • New vehicles: the PJ Jet and the PJ Sub.
    • As of this season, adapted versions of characters from the book series (aside from the PJ Masks, Romeo and Santa Claus) will now appear in the television series in order to remain faithful with the book series (e.g. Pharaoh Boy being an adaptation of Apophis).
  • Kyle Harrison Breitkopf, who was the voice of Gekko for three seasons, was replaced by Benjamin Hum. Other voice actor replacements include:
  • As of this season, Addison Holley and Brianna Daguanno have retained their voices of Owlette and Luna Girl, respectively, for four seasons straight.
  • This is the first season to have the season premiere on the Disney Junior channel.
  • As of this season onward, the episode format is retooled to change the plots to feel more serious and detailed compared to its childish plots in the first three seasons of the series. Other adjustments include having every episode ending in the nightime, having a special episode at the beginning and end of each season, introducing new characters periodically in interval parts of a season (compared to introducing new characters all at once in the halfway point of a season), include more episodes that focus on the entire PJ Masks, and focusing less on the original three nighttime villains due to the large amount of villains in the series.
  • HQ introduces its basement in this season.
  • The PJs (with the exception of Owlette and PJ Robot) get their own PJ Wings.
  • This is the first season to have twenty-five episodes.
    • Still, there were 52 segments.
  • This is the first season to premiere on Disney+ in Italy and the United Kingdom due to Disney Junior being discontinued in those countries.