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"Slow Down, Catboy!"
Season 1, episode 26A
(Overall episode #51)
Slow Down Catboy card.png
Premiere date
Russia Russia
December 2016
United States of America United States of America
February 17, 2017
Written by Sylvie Barro & Kathryn Walton Ward
Directed by Christian De Vita
Viewer count (millions) TBA
Episode Guide
"Take to the Skies, Owlette"
"Gekko's Special Rock"

"Slow Down, Catboy!" (also known as "Pas si vite, Yoyo!" in French) is the first segment of the 26th Season 1 episode of PJ Masks.


The PJ Masks race against Night Ninja and Luna Girl to retrieve the stolen Incredible Kid Cup.


The following characters appeared in the episode "Slow Down, Catboy!":


The episode starts off with Connor, Amaya, and Greg looking at a poster advertising the Incredible Kid Cup Race taking place tomorrow featuring three difficult races: the egg-and-spoon race, the three-legged race, and the ball run race. Connor is competing, but is worried that he has no chance of winning. Even if not all of the races are won with speed, he believes that the fastest always wins instead of being slow and steady, and wishes that he had his Super Cat Speed to help him.

The kids race over to the sports hall to take a look at the Incredible Kid Cup, only to find that it has been stolen. Left behind are Ninjalino footprints, which indicates that Night Ninja must have been responsible for the theft. That night, the PJ Picture Player shows the Ninjalinos exercising at the same place, presumably for the trophy. The PJ Masks drive over to confront the ninjas, where Night Ninja states that he will give back the award if they can beat him in two of the three races in his Incredible Challenge Cup Race. He is going to prove that he is the greatest nighttime racer ever.

Luna Girl suddenly flies in and claims that she’ll serve as referee for the race. The other PJ Masks protest at this, knowing that she’ll let Night Ninja win. Despite this, Catboy accepts, confident that he is the faster racer ever and that his Super Cat Speed will carry the heroes throughout the competition. Luna Girl agrees, then asks Night Ninja if she can see the trophy, to which he responds that she can do so after he wins. She tells one of her moths to find it, revealing that her true intention is to take it for herself.

The first race is the egg-and-spoon race, where Catboy and Night Ninja must race around the track carrying large eggs on their (different-sized) spoons. Catboy speeds off when the race starts, but without the egg, forcing him to run back while Night Ninja takes the lead. He attempts to catch up with the villain, though he is so focused on being fast that he almost crashes into a light pole. Although his friends tell him to take it slow and steady, he uses his Super Cat Speed to catch up. The egg falls off his spoon and breaks, and he slips and falls down; Night Ninja wins the first race.

The next race is the three-legged race. Night Ninja decides to cheat by carrying his Ninjalinos, which Luna Girl approves of, much to the PJ Masks’ annoyance. She announces the start of the race, and Catboy takes off, flinging him and his friends to the ground. Owlette suggests that he should Super Cat Jump at the same time she flies so they can both lift Gekko. They do so, but Catboy goes too fast, and they all fall down again. They remind him not to rush, and they stand up to try once more.

The team walks in time with each other and gradually increases their speed. Night Ninja throws Sticky Splats at them before they can catch up. They avoid the projectiles, continue their pace, and pass the ninjas who have stopped to relax. Just as Catboy thinks that the team’s going to win, the villains are back in the race and overtake them after noticing them pass by. Catboy runs towards the finish line, which almost cost the heroes the win after his friends get pulled along and they all collapse; nevertheless, they succeed by his tail.

Both groups are now tied, so the last race, which is the ball run race, will determine who wins the cup. However, as referee, Luna Girl decides to enter the competition herself since her moths have failed to find it while claiming that she’ll make sure Night Ninja wins. Catboy volunteers to take part in the race since he knows he can balance. Catboy, Luna Girl, and Night Ninja begin racing across the forest with Owlette and Gekko following them.

Luna Girl uses her Luna Magnet to bring herself to the front. When Catboy notices that Night Ninja is also about to pass him, he uses his Super Cat Speed to speed up, despite Owlette and Gekko’s advice to go slow and steady. He is too fast to stop, though, when Night Ninja throws sticky splats at his pathway. Catboy’s ball gets stuck, and Night Ninja passes him, then Luna Girl for a brief moment. Everyone soon figures her true intention when her moths send him the other way so she can win.

Since each member of the group has won one race, one more race is needed as a tiebreaker to win the trophy. The race will be from their current location to the sports hall, and it will be a combination of both the egg-and-spoon and the ball run races while balancing a Ninjalino on their heads. The race starts with Catboy falling in last place. While the villains concentrate on overtaking each other by cheating, this time, he takes it slow and steady, now realizing that going fast will not help him.

As everyone approaches the finish line, Luna Girl uses her magnet to throw Night Ninja off course. It backfires when he is deflected towards her, and they both fall off the giant balls and break their eggs. Catboy successfully wins the race as a result, and therefore, the whole competition. The villains blame each other for their defeat as the Ninjalinos give the PJ Masks the Incredible Kid Cup, who announce their victory afterwards.

The next day, the Incredible Kid Cup Competition is on with the egg-and-spoon race. Connor wins the race as all other competitors are out, and receives the Incredible Kid Cup as everyone celebrates.


  • Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Rushing through things doesn't always get the best results.


  • This episode, along with "Gekko's Special Rock" serves as the Season 1 finale.
    • Along with its sister episode, it is also the only episode to premiere in 2017.
  • This is the first time that Luna Girl and Night Ninja are shown in one episode together, as well as the first time they work together (if Luna Girl being a referee can be considered teaming up with a villain).
  • Luna Girl nicknames Night Ninja as "Ninjy."
  • The four competitions between Catboy, Night Ninja, and later Luna Girl went as follows:
    • An egg-and-spoon race, which Night Ninja won due to Catboy dropping the egg by using Super Cat Speed.
    • A three-legged race, which Catboy, Gekko and Owlette won when Catboy's tail hit the finish line first.
    • A ball balancing competition which Luna Girl won.
    • A ball balancing competition while carrying an egg-and-spoon in their hands and a Ninjalino on their head which Catboy won after Night Ninja and Luna Girl interfered with each other.
  • This is the last episode of Season 1 that focuses on Catboy, as well as the last episode of Season 1 to feature Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos as two of the primary villains.
  • This is the last episode Trek Buccino voices Night Ninja.
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