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Soft Reboot Continuity

Les Pyjamasques pour Zouzous

Yoyo, Bibou and Gluglu, the main three of the inhabitants of the Soft Reboot Continuity

The Soft Reboot Continuity is the universe where the Les Pyjamasques picture book series takes place, with all its events from "Les Pyjamasques et l'opération zéro" to the present being its canon. It is considered the main setting of the series, and the home dimension of Les Pyjamasques.


Like the Original Continuity as its predecessor, this continuity is more akin to the preschool culture and traditional supernatural and magical themes, featuring a vintage fantasy-themed, wacky and adventurous atmosphere.

Various fantasy and mythology elements existed in the continuity, such as nahual, fairies, various monsters, witches, giants and deities. However, a few modern elements such as inventors and vigilante superheroes are included, but with a more fantastical tone.

The primary location that most books takes place appears to be the fictional Tarabiscoville, a city located in Alsace; at the northeastern region of France.



Presentations that are part of the Universe

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