Real Name

Celine (presumably)

Current Alias




Base of Operations

Lunar Lair




Secret Identity




Witch, Villain




Book Continuity


Yoyo, Bibou and Gluglu (briefly; formerly)


Yoyo, Bibou and Gluglu (mostly)


Les Pyjamasques (sometimes)
Totem Animals


No one celebrating her birthday
No one giving her a gift
People dressed as animals

Debut appearance

"La Légende des Pyjamasques"

Voice actress


Sorceline (real name: Celine) (literally known as Sorcière Celine) is a witch that uses a magnet to control a cloud of Papinuits and Mitomites to help her with her plans to steal things. She is one of the two primary antagonists in Les Pyjamasques picture book series.

Official description

This little insomniac sorceress could neither sleep nor dream. She was always ill-tempered and shared her bad mood with the whole world. Thanks to her magnet, an army of insects obeyed her.

Goals & abilities


Sorceline is motivated by her desire to have the things she wants by any means necessary, most of her appearances involve her from imprisoning the totem animals to stealing children's toys, due to her sadness and anger overcoming her whenever nobody had thought of giving something to her that would make her happy for various reasons, such as:

  • Everyone preferring to sleep in the night during the night, while not thinking about on giving her a birthday gift at all.
  • Her annoyance of not being chosen by the totem animals as a friend, while suffering from terminal insomnia.

Sorceline's main motive was inspired by Luna Girl's plans on ruining summer in "Catboy's Cloudy Crisis," and stealing presents in "Gekko Saves Christmas" due to nobody spending time with her in Christmas.


  • Aéro-Lune: Sorceline owns a magical board known as the Aéro-Lune that closely resembles the Luna Board which she uses as transportation, except it has a stripey pattern scheme instead of having a pattern of moons at the front of her board.
  • Aimant-Lune: She owns the Aimant-Lune which resembles the Luna Magnet which can strike lightning bolts, magically attracts objects she wants, fires a ray, and control her Mitomites. She can also use it as a boomerang to repel any attacking opponents.
  • Sac-à-oubli: She owns a black magical bag known as the Sac-à-oubli which she can use to make people disappear entirely. She can also use the bag to store other objects such as toys and gifts.


Personal behavior and traits

Sorceline is always ill-tempered, grouchy, and insomniac (as she is unable to sleep nor dream). She is prone to be attached to certain items such as the toys as she sees them as important to her (as revealed in "Les Pyjamasques et le cadeau de Sorceline," while Bibou tried to save her from falling).

In most of her appearances, Sorceline tends to share her bad mood with the whole world whenever she never gets what she wants that can soften her anger.

Sorceline is never afraid of inflicting emotional and physical harm towards people, such as attempting to attack people with her Aimant-Lune's harmful lightning strikes and sadistically remarking what her plans would do to ruin things for the rest of the kids.

Sorceline has never been afraid of committing devious and somewhat twisted and heinous acts;

  • In "La Légende des Pyjamasques," she attempts to steal every child's animal totem, therefore attempting to make children to not dream or think about the animal totems anymore.
  • In "Les Pyjamasques et le cadeau de Sorceline," since nobody bothered to give Sorceline a present to her during her birthday, she decides to steal every child's birthday present to herself.

Physical appearance

Sorceline has white hair. She wears a black mask over her face and a black and gray suit with a crescent moon on it; she often appears with a very stern expression at her face.

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