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"La Légende des Pyjamasques"

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Sorceline (real name: Celine) (literally known as Sorcière Celine) is a witch that uses a magnet to control things and has a swarm of Papinuits and Mitomites to help her with her plans to steal things. She is one of the two primary antagonists in Les Pyjamasques picture book series.

Official description

This little insomniac sorceress could neither sleep nor dream. She was always ill-tempered and shared her bad mood with the whole world. Thanks to her magnet, an army of insects obeyed her.

Sorceline wants to appropriate everything from the daytime world, and stings big anger when the Pyjamasques prevent it! Sorceline has a real adoration of the moon. If she could pick her up to grab her, she would - and she even tried! Creature of the night to whom the night is not enough, Sorceline also tries to seize all that she can find in the diurnal world.

Since she can not play with other children during the day, Sorceline will steal their games like that no one will be able to have fun, na! And thanks to her Aimant-Lune, Sorceline could well achieve her ends that she points Les Pyjamasques, and here our heroes prisoners of a magnetic field powered by lunar energy! The power of attraction of this tool can be used to move (steal) objects, to bring them to her or even to gorge rain clouds to sow the storm.

Sorceline can count on another help: that of her acolytes, moths called Papinuits. These last ones serve her to spy, but also to make diversion or to surround Les Pyjamasques in a cloud! And that's not all: Sorceline's arsenal also features an Aéro-Lune - a kind of flying skateboard that allows it to move and face Bibou in the air. And when it is our heroine who has the upper hand, the Aéro-Lune then allows Sorceline to literally play the girl of the air and escape. Often vexes Sorceline while running away.

Motive & abilities


Due to her extreme misery and grouchy mindset, Sorceline's motives wouls revolve her on stealing all the happiest things closest to children in Tarabiscoville, these things include Animal Totems and toys. Her motive originates from "Les Pyjamasques et le cadeau de Sorceline" and "La Légende des Pyjamasques".


Sorceline owns a magical board known as the Aéro-Lune that closely resembles the Luna Board which she uses as transportation, except it has a stripey pattern scheme instead of having a pattern of moons at the front of her board. She owns the Aimant-Lune which resembles the Luna Magnet, except it has a more simpler design, and has it has the ability to emit lightning that can injure anyone, control her Mitomites and it has great force to attract objects she wants. And she owns a magical bag known as the Bag-To-Oblivion which she can use to make people disappear entirely.


Personal behavior and traits

Sorceline can be very jealous, stubborn and ill-tempered than Luna Girl. And she is more prone to be attached to certain items such as the toys as she sees them as important to her, as seen in Les Pyjamasques et le cadeau de Sorceline when Bibou tried to save Sorceline from falling.

Sorceline has never been afraid of committing devious and somewhat twisted acts;

  • In "La Légende des Pyjamasques", she attempts to steal every child's animal totem, therefore attempting to make children to not dream or think about the animal totems anymore.
  • In "Les Pyjamasques et le cadeau de Sorceline", since nobody bothered to give Sorceline a present to her during her birthday, she decides to steal every child's birthday present to herself.

Physical appearance

Sorceline has white hair. She wears a black mask over her face and a black and gray suit with a lunar eclipse on it; she often appears with a very stern expression at her face.

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