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Super Costumes

Catboy Profile Pic.jpg

An example of a nocturnal hero (Catboy) in a super costume

Super Costumes (also known as Magical Pajamas and Super Suits) are costumes used throughout Les Pyjamasques and PJ Masks series.



Outside the series, superhero costumes originated from DC superhero, Superman. He had a flamboyant costume that is similar to that of a circus strongman. Eventually, many costumed superheroes that appeared were inspired by Superman and his popularity. Capes and tights, as Superman wore, became the standard accessories for superheroes.

In the Series

The majority of the superheroes in the book series and television series wear tight superhero costumes made popular by comic book superheroes of Marvel and DC, except the characters wore superhero costumes that resemble those of slightly altered pajamas of mystical origin. Despite this, the costumes retain the appearance, property and features of typical superhero costumes (e.g. superhero insignias, capes and PJ Communicators), while some stick on more mythical, preschool elements (e.g. Les Pyjamasques' plush-styled costumes).

Like most superheroes of the Modern Age period, the characters are able to transform into their costumes depending on their archetype and origins. Examples include:

  • The PJ Masks using their animal amulets to change their pajamas to superhero costumes.
  • Similar to Captain Marvel, Newton Star can transform his civilian outfit into his costume with the help of the orbs in the same colors as the colored stones on his superhero insignia.
  • An Yu can change from her spiritual dragon form into her (now current) dragon girl form (if an individual strikes the Dragon Gong at least twice).
  • Teeny Weeny is able to transform from his ninja form into his Splat Monster form each time he sneezes.
  • Les Pyjamasques can transform into plush-styled costumes with the help of their Totem Animals.

Unlike most typical superhero costumes, Super Costumes are said to contain magical energy which gives superpowers to the user that is associated with the appearance and theme of the costume when transformed. While on some cases, their costumes don't contain superpowers such as An Yu and Energuman for instance as they have powers that are stored within handheld gadgetry, magical items and/or only have hand-to-hand combat abilities. In addition, the user's powers are either linked to a dependent source (e.g. PJ Crystal Totem, Newton Star's asteroids or Mystery Mountain), independent to sources, or are controlled by sources (e.g. Totem Animals).

List of Costumes

  • Catboy's Super Suit
  • Owlette's Super Suit
  • Gekko's Super Suit
  • Yoyo's Super Costume
  • Bibou's Super Costume
  • Gluglu's Super Costume
  • Newton's Super Suit


  • The term for Super Suit was coined in "Newton and the Ninjas."
  • It is stated that the Pyjamasques' super costumes had originated from a folk region known as "nagual" which links to Aztec myths, according to "Le secret des Pyjamasques" and "La Légende des Pyjamasques."
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