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"Supersonic Owlette"
Season 1, episode 19A
(Overall episode #37)
Supersonic Owlette.png
Premiere date
United States of America United States of America
April 1, 2016
Written by Sylvie Barro & Kathryn Walton Ward
Directed by Christian De Vita
Viewer count (millions) TBA
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"Owlette's New Move"
"Catboy and the Sticky Splat Slingshot"

"Supersonic Owlette" (also known as "Bibou et la fusée" in French) is the first segment of the 19th Season 1 episode of PJ Masks.


By day, Connor and Greg were practicing some soccer tricks, when Amaya showed them her new tablet, and what cool features it could do. By night, the gang was video chatting when they find out someone broke into HQ. The PJ Masks were startled when they find Romeo in HQ. Romeo says he needs to know how to bring up the PJ Picture Player in "peace and quiet," so he teleported the PJ Masks outside of HQ using his Teleporter. Later that night, Owlette messed everything up, and helped Romeo make HQ fly like a rocket. However, Catboy and Gekko know what HQ's "rocket function" is for: ultimate, disastrous, and trouble emergencies ONLY!


The following characters appeared in the episode "Supersonic Owlette":


The episode starts off with Connor and Greg playing soccer in their neighborhood when Amaya interrupts the game. She has a new tablet computer which can control anything, from the objects in her house to remote-controlled vehicles. The boys agree that it’s cool, although they also point out the fact that most of these things can be done by herself, and continue their soccer game. Later that night, their amulets signal that something is up at HQ.

The PJ Masks arrive to find Romeo and Robot inside; they were able to get in using Romeo’s new invention, the Teleporter, so Romeo can take over HQ. The PJ Picture Player isn’t available, however, because of a failsafe in the security system. Nevertheless, Romeo intends to get it working so he can use all of HQ’s controls to take over the world. He uses the Teleporter on the team before they could catch him, and they are teleported outside. This does not faze Owlette, because she brought her tablet with her so she can use it to stop Romeo.

Since Romeo hasn’t figured out how to lock the doors yet, as he figures out how to turn on the Picture Player, the team sneaks inside the room and scales up the walls. Catboy plans to Super Cat Speed to the Cat-Car and set off its alarm; that way, the team can grab the Teleporter as Romeo tries to stop it. Owlette decides that they can set it off from where they are using her tablet instead. She presses a wrong button, though, causing the vehicle to fire furballs. Romeo notices the team as a result, and he teleports them to one of the trees.

Owlette apologizes when she accidentally flings Catboy and Gekko into a bush when she gets off the tree. She also claims that it was her fault for messing up the plan, and expresses confidence that her tablet will help them succeed next time. They return to HQ to see Robot, who was playing Catboy’s video game since the arrival, guarding the entrance. The new plan is for Catboy to pounce out and lead him to the bushes while Owlette and Gekko trip him from behind. Owlette has another idea, though; she logs onto Robot’s control system so she can control him from her tablet.

Robot begins pounding on HQ, which interrupts Romeo from working on the Picture Player. Owlette tries to gain control of Robot, only for him to further malfunction and throw Catboy and Gekko at her, who have run over to stop him. Romeo comes out to see the commotion. He teleports Robot to get fixed, then teleports the team to the museum before they could catch him again.

Catboy and Gekko declare to Owlette to not use the tablet anymore because so far, it hasn’t helped them. She doesn’t think it’s true because although not as expected, it did help them get rid of Robot. Therefore, she still confides in it to stop Romeo. Despite the boys trying to convince her that they need to stop him themselves, the team runs back to HQ with Robot nowhere to be seen. Unfortunately, they are too late: Romeo is able to find the PJ Picture Player’s backup switch.

Owlette and Romeo battle each other in using the Player’s force field feature. Each time Catboy and Gekko attempt to go through after Owlette disables it, they are knocked away when Romeo enables it again. Everything inside starts behaving erratically; a couple more furballs are shot out, causing the boys to slip on them. Soon, because of Owlette inadvertently messing with the controls, and the fact that the PJ Picture Player is delicate, her tablet malfunctions, and HQ’s rocket ship function, which is used for ultimate disasters and total emergencies only, activates.

Now that he can take over the world from both the ground and the air, Romeo teleports the PJ Masks out as HQ launches. Owlette finally realizes that using her tablet hasn’t helped at all, and especially since it was the reason why Romeo found the rocket ship function. She decides to fix this by flying over to HQ herself with Catboy and Gekko in tow without using her tablet. Since she can’t fly that fast herself, they use one of the trees to fling themselves over and Owlette’s Super Owl Wings as additional boosts.

The team sneaks in; Catboy keeps an eye on the villains, who are fighting over the video game until Romeo eventually gives Robot one more minute to play and tells him to turn the sound down. Owlette quietly drops Gekko over to the PJ Picture Player, where he deactivates the rocket ship function using his Super Gekko Camouflage. Romeo is about to use the Teleporter on himself and Robot to leave, not knowing what happened until Owlette takes it away. She teleports the two away to the trees, and the team lands HQ safely before it hits the ground.

The PJ Masks shout out their signature victory phrase as Robot chases Romeo after accidentally flinging him when he jumps off the tree to express his victory in winning the video game. The next day at the playground, Connor and Greg inform Amaya of a new video game in Connor’s tablet called Soaring Tag. She offers to play tag the old-fashioned way instead, and the three kids play as the episode ends.


  • Technology is not always the best answer.


  • In this episode, Romeo introduces his Teleporter.
  • This marks the first time Romeo steps foot in PJ Masks Headquarters.
    • This is also the first time a villain in general manages to get into PJ Masks Headquarters. The moths got in once in the episode "Gekko's Stay-at-Home Sneezes" and Luna Girl almost got in, but she never actually did so.
  • In one scene, Romeo sings "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."
  • This is the first time day turns to night before the PJ Masks transform. The first time it was shown at night before they transform was "Owlette and the Battling Headquarters."
  • A PJ Masks-related vehicle was never picked in this episode since Romeo was already in Headquarters.
  • It was revealed that PJ Masks Headquarters has a rocket ship function for escaping major emergencies.
  • This is the first time the PJ Masks don't use their vehicles.
  • This is the fourth time a nighttime villain tries to take over PJ Masks Headquarters.
  • This is the only episode in Season 1 to use the rocket ship function.
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