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Tarabiscoville is the neighborhood, where the Pyjamasques' current residence are located.


  • Sacha's House - the current residence of Sacha located next to Amaya and Greg's home. Only the inside of his bedroom is shown.
  • Amaya's House - the current residence of Amaya located next to Sacha and Greg's home. Amaya's house is of a triangular shape in comparison to the other homes of the PJ Masks.
  • Greg's House - the current residence of Greg located next to Sacha and Amaya's home.
  • School - the place where Sacha, Greg and Amaya mainly attend.
  • Le totem des Pyjamasques - the secret place where the Pyjamasques' Animal Totems live.
  • Astronomical Clock - A clock that is guarded by Lilifée which controls the time of day of Tarabiscoville.
  • Zoo - The zoo where the animals used to be preserved.
  • Mountain Peak - A mountain inhabited by Cabbage People near the city.
  • Potager - A garden/forest inhabited by Pumpkin Monsters.
  • Harbor - The place on the coast of the city. It appears in "Les Pyjamasques au zoo" and "Les Pyjamasques et Energuman".
  • Bamboo Forest - A forest that is the current home to Ninjaka and his Ninjazouaves.
  • Construction Site - A site where Sewer No. 140 876 was used by Les Pyjamasques as their escape route on rescuing Utupë.
  • Library - A building that is briefly seen in "Les Pyjamasques et Utupë, l'esprit de la forêt".
  • Eiffel Tower - A tower that is briefly seen in "Les Pyjamasques au zoo".


Tarabiscoville is a fictional city based on Paris, France. This is clearly obvious as seen in some of the books:

  • In "Les Pyjamasques au zoo", one page shows the Eiffel Tower at the city's bird eye view, confirming that Tarabiscoville is located in Paris.
  • In "Les Pyjamasques et Roméo Mécano", one page showing slices of cheese that was planned to be cut from the moon that Roméo Mécano intended to sell to the supermarket was marked with signs written in the French language.
  • In "Les Pyjamasques et Utupë, l'esprit de la forêt", one page briefly shows Gluglu holding a foldable map that says "Plan du métro" (Metro Map), hinting that it also has a train service based on "Paris Métro".
  • Les Pyjamasques' school is marked with an engraving at the top of the school's entrance which says "ÉCOLE", which is the French word for "school" (as seen in "Les Pyjamasques et le robot-blizzard" and "Les Pyjamasques et l'opération zéro").
  • Despite the location being based on a French setting, some of the banners and neon lights marked on the city's buildings are written in the English language.


  • According to "Les Pyjamasques et Utupë, l'esprit de la forêt", it is revealed that the book series breaks the fourth wall as there is one page of the book showing Agent Pin and Agent Pon near a library building containing books of "Les Pyjamasques au zoo" and "Les Pyjamasques et Lilifée" along with a banner saying "Les Pyjamasques" that are seen in an obscure view. This is strongly implied that Tarabiscoville is exactly located where Romuald currently lives in real-life.
    • Another instance on how Les Pyjamasques breaks the fourth wall is that a skyscraper with a pink neon sign saying "Gallimard" can be seen in one image: [1]


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