For the location's mainstream counterpart, see Tarabiscoville.


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The series' main location

Official Name



The City (in-series)
La Ville (French dub)


Cartoon Continuity




United States (original U.S. dub)
France (French dub)


New York City (original U.S. dub)
Paris (French dub)

Tarabiscoville is where the PJ Masks' current residence are located, and a cartoon counterpart of Tarabiscoville from another universe set in a vigilante setting.


  • PJ Masks' Neighborhood - a rural part of the city where the PJ Masks live.
  • Newton's Neighborhood - the downtown part of the city where Newton Star lives.
  • Milk Shake Shop - a place that is located at the neighborhood where the PJ Masks reside, beside Greg's house, where people buy milk shakes.
  • School - the place where Connor, Amaya, Greg, Cameron and the rest of their classmates mainly attend.
  • PJ Masks Headquarters - the secret place where the PJ Masks meet up to discuss the current situation, who's involved, what to do, and which vehicle to take.
  • Museum - a rectangular place that contains artifacts and historical items and a frequent target for the nighttime villains.


Unlike the location's original book counterpart, it is more reminiscent to the real-life Paris, while it combines the France setting with some borrowed elements of a real-life New York City setting instead of the aesthetics of Gotham City (from DC's Batman comic series).

This is also obvious as seen in some of the episodes:

  • In "Halloween Tricksters," the children of the city are seen trick-or-treating; a tradition most prevalent in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Puerto Rico, and northwestern and central Mexico.
  • In "Gekko Saves Christmas," it starts to snow, proving Tarabiscoville is at least in on the Northern Hemisphere.
  • In "Newton and the Ninjas," Aurora Borealis can be seen in the night, proving that this counterpart of Tarabiscoville is actually located above the Northern Hemisphere.

Culture and Lifestyle

Another aspect to point out in the city is that its traditions and lifestyle is majorly influenced on the North American equivalent, while the France traditions are replaced entirely:

  • The characters such as Connor, Dylan, Kevin and Newton have North American-related names instead of France-related names in which their book counterparts (e.g. Sacha, Tom, Tiloup and Hector) would usually have.
  • The characters will say American terms instead of the European vernacular, such as saying "soccer" instead of "football".
  • The characters speak in the English language instead of French.
  • Animals that are often found on North America such as groundhogs are referred or mentioned, such as Titanium Groundhog's name.

Location Differences

Since the location is a combination of the original France setting with the New York City setting, it eliminates some key aspects from the French setting and applies aspects from a typical US setting to fit with the France-NYC mashup setting of the location:

  • According to one image in the page's gallery, the map layout of the location is loosely based on Manhattan's map layout instead of the book counterpart's map layout of Paris.
  • The TV version of Tarabiscoville replaces all key locations of the picture book version that are based on real-life Paris (such as a harbor, train station, a clock tower, the Eiffel Tower and skyscrapers), with areas such as the Park and the Moat that are based on real-life locations in Manhattan (such as Central Park) as replacement.

The TV counterpart also incorporates more obvious elements that can be often seen in North America:

  • This version of the city now features US-styled traffic lights, this can be seen in episodes such as "Wacky Floats" for instance.
  • The location features vehicles that can be often found in North America.
  • North American-based school buses instead of French-based city buses.
  • airshow planes featuring star decals at its wings that resemble the American Air Force flag.
  • The predominant use of freight trains.

Aside from this, the version of the location also removes and changes minor details that can only be seen in its original book counterpart, it mirrors with the continuity's atmosphere by making the location look like it was all just happening in a superhero comic book rather than reality:

  • The city removes any details of side banners, neon lights, engravings, and signs on buildings (even occasional graffiti).
    • In addition, any form of text such as a poster, book or sign seen in the city is only written in garbled, gibberish text instead of French or any other proper language.
  • Notably, the night sky in this counterpart of Tarabiscoville is blue instead of having the book counterpart's (dark) purple sky.
  • Most of the buildings looked crooked in shape. Starting from "Flying Factory Out of Control," most of the buildings were changed to look more straighter than usual.


  • According to Newton Star's official biography, he is from a different city. This other city is evidently close enough to Tarabiscoville that Newton is able to take the bus to visit the Library.
    • However, as seen in "Newton and the Ninjas," this was assumed false, as it would turn out that Newton Star actually lived in the downtown area of Tarabiscoville.


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