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"The Lizard Theft"
Season 2, episode 21B
(Overall episode #93)
The Lizard Theft Title Card.png
Premiere date
United States of America United States of America
November 2, 2018 [1]
Written by Ciaran Murtagh & Andrew Jones
Directed by Christian De Vita
Viewer count (millions) TBA
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"The Wolfy Plan"
"PJ Dylan"

"The Lizard Theft" is the second segment of the 21st Season 2 episode of PJ Masks.


After skeletons are stolen from the museum, the PJ Masks think the Wolfies are the culprits.


The following characters appeared in the episode "The Lizard Theft":


The episode begins with Connor, Amaya, and Greg arriving home from school to find Lionel out of his lizard-proof vivarium and hiding under the bed. They apparently hear the Wolfies outside when they don’t come out during the day. They assume it must be them who let him out. Their suspicions are supported when they find their footprints indicating that they’ve made a mess while trying to leave Gekko’s house. However, Gekko and Lionel, whom the former has brought with him so he can watch over him for the time being, feel that something’s not right.

The PJ Masks follow the Wolfies running into town with butterfly nets. Upon request, PJ Robot searches through the PJ Picture Player to find a link between them and lizards. He pulls up the time when they nearly wrecked the place with the Wolf-O-Saurus. Since dinosaurs are technically big lizards, the team feels that they may be planning something involving something small this time like Lionel.

The team leaves the Gekko-mobile when they suddenly hear something and continue after the source on foot. Gekko and Lionel are still unsure, although they decide to stick to what evidence they currently have. Unbeknownst to them, they have passed Romeo and Robot during their chase, the former having a tea party with his stuffed animals. They’ve failed to use the new audioscope installed on Romeo's Lab from their current location, so they’ve followed them so he can find out what they’re doing. Even though they’ve lost them, after clearly hearing their conversation, he comes up with a plan.

The team finds the Wolfies at the end of the alleyway. It turns out that they’re not after Lionel; they’re after Luna Girl’s moths because they keep tickling their noses, making them sneeze. The team takes cover when they hear Luna Girl coming. She is not focused on them; she is only focused on the Wolfies who keep bothering her moths. She ties them to a lamppost, and she and her moths fly off. The team is about to help them down when PJ Robot alerts them of a break-in at the museum. They are too late; the T-Rex and Pteranodon models have been stolen, which were the same ones to form Wolf-O-Saurus.

The team returns to HQ to think thoroughly about this case. Although the Wolfies were responsible for Wolf-O-Saurus last time, they were right there with them during the museum-break in. Gekko suddenly remembers that Romeo had taken Lionel last time. He drew him away and made him enormous with his Biggie Chews. The PJ Picture Player then comes up with something new from the security cameras: Romeo was actually the one who stole the models and created Wolf-O-Saurus again.

The team catches up with Romeo in the Owl-Glider and quickly takes away his Biggie Chews when he offers them to Lionel upon seeing him. He confirms that as his first plan, it was him who took him earlier so he can turn him into Lionel-Saurus again. It backfired because he kept running away from Robot. Therefore, as a backup plan, he had Robot create the Wolfies’ howls through his Wolfy Howl simulator as a diversion so that while the team went after the group, he could eavesdrop. Now that he has found out about Wolf-O-Saurus, he has made a few adjustments to it so he can take over the world.

Gekko admits that he should’ve known the Wolfies weren’t behind all this trouble while the rest of the team admits that they should’ve let him think things through instead of rushing in. Lionel has an idea; they can stop Romeo by using the Biggie Chews to their advantage. A few moments later, Lionel is big again; with Gekko, the two proceed to take down Wolf-O-Saurus. However, it is too quick because Romeo is controlling it.

Taking the team’s suggestion to go for the controls, Gekko instructs Lionel to throw a trash can at the model’s mouth. After eventually managing to remove it, Romeo falls off and grabs onto its tail while trying to avoid it coming towards him, then grabs the remote’s joystick. It causes the model to fly out of control and shake him off. Owlette saves him while Catboy catches the remote with a Super Cat Stripe and shakes it around to dismantle Wolf-O-Saurus. Romeo attempts to escape, only for the rest of the pieces to fall on him.

Soon, the PJ Masks reassemble the parts back to their respective models at the museum and take its controller so they can lock it up in the PJ Vault. Before they do so, they turn Lionel back to normal using the Shrinky Snacks. Additionally, after proclaiming their signature victory phrase, they can’t help but feel that they have forgotten something. Meanwhile, the Wolfies, still tied up to the lamppost, start sneezing when the moths return and tickle their noses again.


  • Don't jump to conclusions.


  • The events from "Lionel-Saurus" and "Wolf-O-Saurus" have been referenced throughout the episode.
  • Wolf-O-Saurus makes its returning appearance.
    • Its first appearance was in its titular episode.
  • Romeo's Biggie Chews pet treats make their returning appearance, and this time, they're used by the PJ Masks after Catboy took them with his Super Cat Stripes.
    • Romeo's Shrinky Snacks also make their returning appearance.
      • This marks the second time these inventions have been used. The first use was in "Lionel-Saurus."
  • Lionel becomes giant for the second time.
    • The first time was in "Lionel-Saurus."
  • It is shown that Luna Girl can use her Luna Magnet to bend metal things, like lampposts, to tie up anyone, like the Wolfies.
  • The Wolfies are revealed to be allergic to moths whenever they tickled them on their noses, which makes them sneeze.
  • Giant Lionel battles Romeo for the first time.
  • Lionel battles Wolf-O-Saurus along with Gekko, just like in the movie Godzilla.
  • This is the third time the PJ Masks didn't transform back into their normal identities after proclaiming "PJ Masks, all shout hooray, 'cause in the night we saved the day!".
  • When the PJ Masks chant their victory, Gekko says, "PJ Masks and Lionel all shout hooray, 'cause in the night we saved the day!".
  • This is the second episode to have five villains appear.
  • Night Ninja is the only villain not to appear in this episode.
  • Gekko's cuddly Lionel Jr. appears for the second time.


  • When the Wolfies are tied up by Luna Girl, Howler had a notch in his left ear.


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