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"The PJ Masks Save Christmas"
Season 3, episode 21
(Overall episode #141)
Premiere date
United States of America United States of America
December 6, 2019
Canada Canada
December 21, 2019
Written by Brad Birch
Directed by Christian De Vita
Viewer count (millions) TBA
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"Protector of the Sky"
"Romeo's Melody"

"The PJ Masks Save Christmas" (also known as "Les Pyjamasques sauvent Noël" in French, and PJ Masks Save Christmas[1]) is the 21st Season 3 episode of PJ Masks.



When Romeo decides to ruin Christmas for everyone after discovering he's on the naughty list, the PJ Masks partner with Santa Claus to save Christmas.[2]


Finding out that he's on the bad kids list and won't get what he asked for on Christmas, Romeo decides to ruin Christmas for everyone. The PJ Masks must help Santa Claus and save Christmas!


The following characters appeared in the episode "The PJ Masks Save Christmas":


Part 1

It’s Christmas Eve in The City, and everything is decorated for the holidays. As Connor, Amaya, and Greg are walking through the festivities and admiring the decorations, Greg shares his hopes of seeing Santa Claus tonight since he was never able to last Christmas, despite staying up late. He also hopes that he received his letter, as since it’s Christmas Eve, the kids agree that Santa Claus is the primary hero for this special night, so hopefully, if no one is naughty, they wouldn’t have to go out as the PJ Masks. The kids head over to the town square, but when they arrive, they see that no one is there. The reason why is that the tree lighting ceremony has been cancelled - all the lights and decorations have vanished! Knowing that everything wouldn’t have just disappeared and that someone must be behind this, the PJ Masks are determined to save the holiday season.

After the transformation sequence and the transportation to HQ, the PJ Masks see PJ Robot working the PJ Picture Player and wish him a Merry Christmas. However, the little robot does not know what the holiday is, so the team explains to him what Christmas is all about, and what is happening during this festive season. They also talk about Santa Claus, who comes out every Christmas Eve with his reindeer pulling his sleigh to give presents to all the people who are nice all year long, especially since he has a list of who’s naughty and who’s nice.

While the team has fun explaining and re-enacting the holiday season, they do remember that they have to find out who stole the holiday decorations, so they check the PJ Picture Player for anything unusual that happened. Sure enough, earlier in the town square where the Christmas tree is located, one of the presents under there apparently came to life and took the rest of the presents and all the decorations from the tree before disappearing. The PJ Masks are confused by what they just saw and try to figure out where the odd present came from until they hear the alarm go off. They check the PJ Picture Player again, and to their surprise, Santa Claus himself is on the screen! He’s currently arriving at the town to deliver the presents. He is not alone, though; following right behind him is the Sky Factory, which is sucking up all the presents that have just been released. Seeing that Romeo is behind this Christmas trouble, the team decides to stop him by splitting up.

Catboy takes the Cat-Car and drives into town to save the falling Christmas presents in danger of being sucked up by Romeo’s Sky Factory. As he catches the presents and delivers them to the rightful owners, Owlette and Gekko fly up to Santa Claus in the Owl-Glider and grab his attention. Santa Claus notices them and happily greets them, but he also notices the Sky Factory behind the two flying vehicles with the PJ Masks’ warning. Getting worried that Romeo is stealing his presents to everyone to ruin Christmas, Owlette and Gekko reassure him that they will take care of Romeo while he keeps delivering the presents.

As the two PJ Masks fly off towards the Sky Factory, Romeo spots them on range and orders Robot to activate the freeze ray and freeze the vehicle to stop them from ruining his Christmas. At first, Robot is reluctant to do so, knowing that it’s Christmas, and that his master is actually ruining the holiday for everyone, but after being reminded that he is on his side, he complies and shoots the freeze ray at the Owl-Glider, which quickly flies out of its way.

A wild chase soon begins, and as Robot unsuccessfully tries to freeze the Owl-Glider, Romeo successfully captures Catboy by using the factory’s Sky Vacuum. Since the other PJ Masks are too fast for them, Romeo demands Robot to freeze Santa Claus instead. Robot reluctantly does so, but after noticing the freeze ray aiming at Santa, Owlette quickly flies the Owl-Glider over to take its hit. One of the wings are frozen as a result, and she and Gekko jump out. Santa Claus flies towards them to save them, but Romeo reveals that it was just a trick to get the heroes out of the sky. With Catboy captured and the Owl-Glider grounded, Romeo activates the Sky Vacuum, and Santa Claus and his reindeer are captured!

Part 2

Gekko is still falling after abandoning the Owl-Glider. Noticing the parachuting presents, he catches a ride on one of them and grabs Owlette's hand so she could guide him out of the pathway to the chimney. Once they land on the rooftops, Gekko pushes Owlette out of harm’s way so he can catch the falling Owl-Glider and place it down. The two PJ Masks are safe, but not Catboy and Santa Claus. The vehicle is out of action, but Owlette can still fly herself, so with that in mind, the two head over to the Sky Factory to save them.

In the Sky Factory, Romeo walks up to Catboy and Santa Claus, who are being held hostage by his Fly Bots. He explains that he is spoiling Christmas for everyone because Santa never gives him what he wants, which is to take over the world. Santa confirms this, but he also promises the villain that if he can get on the nice list, he will get him something special instead. Romeo refuses, though, knowing that Christmas is his now, and has Robot help him up onto the sleigh and hand him Santa’s Naughty and Nice List. Romeo looks at the Naughty List, and sees his name on there, being naughtier than a couple of the nighttime villains. Angered by all this, he has Robot fire the Naughty Beam on Santa’s presents to turn them into Naughty Bots, which will take every Christmas decoration and present around the town. He then has his Fly Bots lead Catboy and Santa Claus over to the cell. Once they are trapped, Romeo takes Santa’s sleigh out to deliver his Naughty Bots, while Robot and the Fly Bots leave to decorate for Christmas.

Suddenly, one of Santa’s reindeer, Comet, appears; as the villains were busy enacting Romeo’s Christmas scheme, Catboy secretly pantomimed to him to leave the sleigh and hide until the coast is clear. Now that the villains are gone, Catboy and Santa Claus instruct him to find Owlette and Gekko and bring them to the Sky Factory. Comet leaves the factory, and as instructed, he catches up with the two PJ Masks, who are struggling to fly up there themselves, all while noticing Romeo on Santa’s sleigh. The three arrive at the factory, and using their powers, Owlette and Gekko lead Robot outside and take him out. Catboy and Santa Claus are soon freed, and the heroes are reunited, thanks to Comet’s help.

Catboy and Santa Claus begin explaining to the others about Romeo’s plan to ruin Christmas by using Naughty Bots to take any Christmas presents and decorations away. Robot, after recovering, comes up to them and confirms this. He further explains that Romeo is doing this because he does not understand the true meaning of Christmas: giving. Although debating whether there is any good in Romeo, the heroes ask Robot to help them save Christmas, to which he happily accepts. PJ Robot, who had come out of HQ after witnessing everything that had happened to fix the Owl-Glider and help them out, shortly joins them thereafter.

Romeo continues delivering the Naughty Bot presents around the town. When he looks next to him, he notices a present from Robot, who had placed it by his side before taking off. He opens it, and the present reveals to be a snow globe containing him and Robot sledding. As he admires his gift, he sees the PJ Masks and Santa Claus flying from both sides, grabbing his attention long enough for PJ Robot and Robot to turn the Naughty Bots back into Santa’s presents. Robot apologizes of ruining his master’s plan to ruin Christmas, but to everyone’s surprise, Romeo actually apologizes himself. Everyone fears that Romeo either must be hit by the nice beam or must be tricking them, but because of the present that he received from Robot, he knows how much Robot cares for him no matter what plans he comes up with, and becomes touched by the Christmas Spirit. Therefore, he decides to help save Christmas instead of ruining it, wanting to give instead of take. Santa Claus accepts the offer, and after returning to his sleigh while Comet reunites with the other reindeer, he asks everyone to chime in to restore the holiday season.

A few moments later, all the Christmas presents are back to normal and delivered to their rightful owners. Romeo apologizes about trying to ruin Christmas for everyone, especially for Robot. He thanks Robot for his present and hugs him, wishing him a Merry Christmas. He promises that he will never be naughty again, but only in the spirit of the season, since he is a villain after all. Robot gives Romeo the last Naughty Bot, and the villain restores all the Christmas decorations on the tree. The presents under there have also been returned, as everyone made the nice list.

As everyone opens up a present, Santa Claus brings Gekko over to talk with him about a little boy named Greg. Santa reveals that the letter mentioned earlier asked him what he himself wanted for Christmas, and wants Gekko to let Greg know that he wanted this Christmas to be the best Christmas ever, which it was. Gekko almost gives himself away by apologizing to Santa that his Christmas was ruined, but quickly stops himself and says that he’ll tell Greg. With that, Santa Claus jumps back on his sleigh and leaves the town with his reindeer back to the North Pole, but not before stating the PJ Masks’ victory chant. The characters wave good-bye, and the PJ Masks join Santa Claus in the victory chant, wishing the viewers a Merry Christmas.


  • Give and take.
  • There must be a good reason for naughtiness.


  • This is the final episode to air in 2019.
  • This is the sixth special episode of the series.
  • This is the first special to focus on a villain.
  • This is the second PJ Masks' seasonal Christmas episode.
  • This is the second time an episode title involves the name 'PJ Masks'.
  • The cartoon counterpart of Santa Claus makes his first and only appearance in this episode.
    • This is also his first and only time narrating an episode title.
  • Romeo is the third villain to try to ruin Christmas.
    • The first was Luna Girl in "Gekko Saves Christmas," although she did spend it with the PJ Masks in the end.
    • The second were the Wolfy Kids in the book "Merry Christmas, PJ Masks!".
  • This is the third time the PJ Masks wear their winter outfits.
    • The previous two times were in "Gekko Saves Christmas" and "The Wolfy Plan."
  • Like Luna Girl, Romeo steals presents from others, similar to How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
    • Unlike Luna, however, Romeo also turns the presents into Naughty Bots before putting them back in everyone's houses.
  • This is the first and fourth time Romeo and Robot, respectively, work with the PJ Masks, but it occurs later in the episode.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Santa Claus knows who the PJ Masks are thanks to his nice list.
    • However, he is unaware of their civilian identities as he talked to Gekko about his civilian as if they were two separate people, causing Gekko to almost reveal to Santa that the former and Greg are, in fact, the same person.
  • PJ Robot drives the Owl-Glider for the third time.


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