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The Pagoda

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The Pagoda is a location first seen in the episode "Race Up Mystery Mountain." It is the home of many ancient artifacts and relics and is also An Yu's home.


Location and appearance

The pagoda is a temple-like building located at the top of Mystery Mountain. It is home to many ancient artifacts and relics.

The pagoda is surrounded by several booby traps that help protect it from thieves. These include a coded lock on the gate, dragon tongues, trap doors and large magical vines that grow onto one side of the Pagoda. There are stairs made of stone that lead to the magically sealed doors at the entrance of the Pagoda. There are two stone lion statues at the beginning of the stairs; one on each side.

The outside of the pagoda is made out of light gray stone. Red tiles cover the roof of each of the pagoda's floors. There is also a large, mysterious triangle on the top front of the pagoda.

The inside of the pagoda, which was first seen in "The Secret of the Pagoda," has a jade colored floor with large red pillars supporting the pagoda's structure. It has red walls with several artifacts and scrolls in them. The walls have what appear to be yellow shuriken patterns decorated all over them along with a teal lining that goes across the walls of the pagoda's first level. There are several lanterns hanging from the sealing on the inside and outside of the pagoda.

At the very back of the inside of the pagoda there is a large golden dragon statue where The Golden Wand was formerly kept. Through this statue, Mystery Mountain can communicate with the people inside the pagoda and vice-versa.

There are also stairs leading to the upper levels of the pagoda, but it is currently unknown what these levels look like or what relics are kept there.


  • Ring of Ninjability: A ring that supposedly could give the bearer three times the power, as rumored by a scroll that the PJ Masks never retrieved. But it only proves that the person have three times the power, like when the PJ Masks worked together to save PJ Robot.
  • The Red and Green Stone: Two magical stones with the powers to turn anything to stone and turn invisible respectively. Night Ninja stole them, but An Yu took them back. Judging by the dialogue between the two, there were more stones inside the pagoda, but An Yu prevented the Ninjalinos from getting them. These stones and their powers have thus yet to be revealed.
  • The Golden Wand: An ancient and mysterious relic kept inside the pagoda on Mystery Mountain. It is currently unknown what the wand's powers are.
  • The Thinking Stone: First seen in "Super Muscles Show Off," a stone as old as time. It gives the wielder the power to slow things down with their mind, but requires deep concentration to use.
  • Munki-gu Statue: First seen in "PJ Party Mountain," an ancient statue that has the power to change the appearance of others to look like someone else.
  • Wiggly Wordy Wand: First seen in "Gekko Loves Lionel," this wand has the ability to jumble up the speaker's words when they try to cast a spell, its lasting effects only temporary.
  • Ring of Invisibility: First seen in "Invisible Munki-Gu," this ring renders the wearer invisible.

In the Series

The pagoda is first seen in "Race Up Mystery Mountain" when Catboy and Night Ninja competed against each other to get into the pagoda first and claim the Ring of Ninjability.