The Rock of All Power

GATROAP 1-The Rock of All Power

GATROAP 2-Gekko broke the rock

GATROAP 3-Gekko holds the medallion

GATROAP 4-Rock of All Power in Museum

From Season 1, Episode 24B "Gekko and the Rock of All Power"

The Rock of All Power is a giant, very destructive rock that was used by Night Ninja to damage various parts of the city. It was found on an ancient temple by Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos, thousands of miles away. It is black in color and has many green, red and orange cracks around it. Hidden inside of it is a precious medallion, and according to the legend, only the strongest hero can break the rock and claim it.

Despite being large, heavy, and very destructive, Gekko can lift and carry it with ease. Gekko was able to break the rock by using Super Gekko Muscles to stop it from hitting PJ Masks HQ, and claimed the medallion inside. He then decided that he didn't truly need it and donated it to the Museum.

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