• Can you please block this user? He's only vandalizing this wiki by emptying articles, and creating pages like FUCK MY BALLS

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    • I looked and it seemed like the Wikia Community admins had taken care of the situation by giving REVENGEOFLionersLion12 a global block. I also already blocked another duplicate account known as Version2REVENGEOFLIONERSLION12.

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    • Well he won't stop! How do we stop him from creating multiple sock puppet accounts?

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    • Yeah he needs to stop and just wait until he’s unbanned

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    • Well, unfortunately, LionersLion12 is not going to be unbanned from here. We've had multiple problems with him while he was editing here.

      One thing I clearly remember from a few months ago, when Season 2 was on its tail end, was that he created a couple of "first Season 3" episode pages and tried to assure everyone that the first episodes of Season 3 were announced. Thankfully, a couple of our users called him out on it.

      This has got to stop eventually. When a user is blocked, they are blocked for a reason. And creating sock puppet accounts is not going to help him. They are just going to be blocked as well. Unless he has a really good and valid reason to be unblocked from here, nothing is changing. Speaking of which, he tried using the same excuse for each rule that he violated, and it did send a red flag that the user is lying.

      FANDOM is aware about his multiple account abuse, and, as far as I know, everyone else in the wikis that he has contributed to knows about it as well, as well as his activity. We're just hoping that FANDOM can do something to prevent his continuing return. But for now, we all just need to keep a watchful eye out for any suspicious activity.

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    • Oh thank goodness

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    • Catlette4ever
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