• MagicalGem98
    MagicalGem98 closed this thread because:
    Ending conversation.
    01:38, August 11, 2019

    act your age and don't come at fandom while your still immature. You need to also learn about the internet. Ghoul.

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    • Not this again... Grace I strongly need you to please stop messaging me or other users you have mistreated before with such a rude speech as this is going to be considered harassment

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    • You REALLY DUMB, it's not harrasement! Ghoul. you should be also tell that those fake Gracekim accounts are not MINE! They don't look exact mannerisms to my main account you dumb. And how is this supposed to be already an harrassement?

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    • Its literally considered an harassment, now please stop contacting me and leave me alone

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