• Can you please tell me what your hopes and ideas for the fifth season that you sent to eOne are? I think MysteryMountain2008 wants to know too!

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    • 1. Luna Girl and her moths becoming good and betraying Romeo and Night Ninja
      2. An armadillo crystal for Armadylan
      3. A Valentine’s Day special
      4. An extra HQ room for Armadylan
      5. A super cool new vehicle for Armadylan
      6. A pet cat for Catboy
      7. More new powers for the PJ Masks
      8. More villain team ups
      9. Some more flirty Owlette scenes
      10. Catboy and Owlette being turned into fairytale characters by another one of Romeo’s inventions (even though I said it was just a joke)
      11. An episode focusing on Catboy and Howler (since there’s already an episode focusing on Gekko and Kevin, and another focusing on Owlette and Rip)
      12. PJ Robot getting new upgrades
      13. Amaya taking her glasses off
      14. Connor and Amaya’s birthdays
      15. Armadylan’s daytime self
      16. An episode where Gekko finds one of Luna Girl’s moths and takes good care of it.
      17. Kitten Boy and Chicklette’s return
      18. Return of Bad Guys United
      19. Armadylan's birthday
      20. Luna Girl having arachnophobia


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    • 1. Catboy becoming jealous of Armadylan
      2. Luna Girl having a secret diary
      3. Luna Girl being saved by Gekko and developing a crush on him
      4. A new pet armadillo for Armadylan
      5. A steampunk-themed world
      6. Luna Girl’s lunar fortress being taken over by another villain
      7. Luna Girl’s symbol and Night Ninja’s symbol
      8. Armadylan’s symbol
      9. The Wolfies’ symbol
      10. Catboy being good at making macarons
      11. Gekko being good at cooking and baking
      12. Luna Girl having amnesia
      13. A sweets-themed world
      14. The PJ Masks and Armadylan having their powers switched
      15. A crossover special
      16. More episodes of Luna Girl teaming up with the PJ Masks
      17. Gekko being born with mermaid magic
      18. Romeo and Night Ninja treating Luna Girl like a baby and then hurting her feelings
      19. Luna Girl having a new pet
      20. Owlette and Armadylan’s fears
      21. Captain Smartypants' return
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    • That is a HUGE list! And of course, they are all great ideas! ;)

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    • Thats lot of ideas

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    • That is a pretty huge list, ain't it?

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    • Yeah I know. I have a lot of ideas, and even some are inspirations of everything I see. Oh, and I have another idea list coming up now!

      1. Luna Girl having a shoulder angel and a shoulder devil
      2. Catboy quitting the PJ Masks after being glared and scolded at and then joining the villains’ side.
      3. Romeo and Night Ninja teasing Luna Girl of her small size and short height, then Gekko trying to make himself and her more taller
      4. More hero and villain teamups
      5. More Gekko and Luna Girl moments
      6. More Catboy and Owlette moments
      7. More episodes of Romeo and Night Ninja teaming up
      8. An episode where Romeo gender swaps the PJ Masks (I know it’s inappropriate for a kid show like PJ Masks, but I can’t help but hope it’ll happen someday)
      9. A ghost/spirit themed world
      10. The Wolfy Kids’ birthday
      11. Romeo’s birthday
      12. Night Ninja’s birthday
      13. A pirate-themed world with new pirate characters
      14. PJ Robot's anniversary party
      15. A moth crystal for Luna Girl to become a new member of the PJ Masks
      16. Armadylan's parents
      17. Catboy going on a solo mission and learning about his family generation
      18. An episode where the PJ Masks uses the magic of talents (like music, arts, foods, sports, inventing, writing, and even magic tricks) to stop Romeo from stealing other talents
      19. A music-themed world
      20. The PJ Masks traveling in the dream world to stop nightmares from spreading
      21. Amaya/Owlette taking ballet lessons
      23. Gekko and Luna Girl slow dancing together
      24. Amaya trying to change her looks, but learns to stick to the look she looks best in
      25. Gekko helping Catboy learn how to swim
      26. The PJ Masks going to Paris
      27. The PJ Masks exploring Atlantis
      28. Mermaid characters
      29. A fairy-themed world with new fairy characters
      30. The PJ Masks building Armadylan his own PJ Rover
      31. The PJ Masks stopping Night Ninja from messing with the four seasons
      32. Owlette gaining super owl charm (a new love power that causes any boy she winks at and then stare at with sultry eyes to fall in love with her)
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    • I've got more:

      1. A Wild West adventure
      :2. Motsuki, the moths, and other animals being mind controlled by Romeo
      :3. The PJ Masks traveling to Transylvania and meeting new vampire characters
      :4. A dream world
      :5. The PJ Masks finding magic jewels
      :6. The PJ Masks meeting magical animals and then bonds with them
      :7. A witch villain
      :8. A shape-shifting world
      :9. Owlette discovering a crystal-themed world
      :10. A penguin PJ Mask
      :11. A tropical island-themed world
      :12. Catboy uses his skateboarding tricks to save the day
      :13. Luna Girl meeting the Mothman 
      :14. Motsuki becoming jealous of Owlette
      :15. The PJ Masks traveling back in time
      :16. A jungle world
      :17. A hedgehog PJ Mask
      :18. The PJ Masks gaining the ability to talk to animals
      :19. Armadylan going to the moon with the PJ Masks
      :20. A wizard hero
      :21. Luna Girl meeting the last unicorn, Amalthea
      :22. A pegasus PJ Mask
      :23. A dolphin PJ Mask
      :24. A magic-themed world
      :25. The PJ Masks using math solving skills like the Cybersquad from Cyberchase
      :26. Armadylan trying to play the piano
      :27. The PJ Masks forming their music band
      :28. A crossover special of PJ Masks and Avalon Web of Magic
      :29. The PJ Masks going to Venice, Italy and receiving magical masquerade masks
      :30. The PJ Masks exploring a magical forest
      :31. The PJ Masks and Luna Girl going to the Nebulous World and then meeting the Nebulous Stars
      :32. Catboy going crazy wild afraid being scratched by Howler
      :33. A body switching episode
      :34. A peacock villain with the power to hypnotize boys with her peacock charming spell
      :35. A skunk PJ Mask
      :36. A Greek mythology special
      :37. Armadylan being an expert on Greek mythology
      :38. Romeo jinxing the PJ Masks with bad luck on Friday the 13th
      :39. The PJ Masks exploring a haunted house
      :40. Owlette and Luna Girl becoming best friends for real
      :41. A crossover of PJ Masks/44 Cats
      :42. A Native American-themed world
      :43. An Indian-themed hero
      :44. Gekko and Luna Girl getting hit by Cupid’s arrows and falling head over heels in love with each other
      :45. A siren themed villain
      :46. A banshee villain
      :47. A PJ Masks/Octonauts crossover
      :48. A wolf PJ Mask
      :49. A succubus villain
      :50. A musical special
      :51. Gekko gets super senses of smell, touch, and taste
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    • I like the idea of time travelling

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    • My friend said "Romeo can easily create a time machine. He can go back in time and easily win"

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    • If that happens, I'll totally be surprised...

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    • A FANDOM user
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