• Me: I might have accidentaly used the Baby Beam to turn a few certain somebodies into babies... (points to Armadylan, the Wolfies and (even though Season 4 hasn't even premiered yet) Octobella, who are all now babies and playing with the PJ Babies (who are each sucking on their own color-coded binkies), Baby Luna and Baby Romeo) But luckily, I didn't turn Motsuki and PJ Robot into babies; the latter's showing the former how to make the babies nice. (realizes something) Oh, I almost forgot! (pours a watering can over Baby Octobella)

    Baby Octobella: (giggles)

    Me: Gotta keep Baby 'Bella moist. :)

    Chicklette: (turns around and sees Mae, then takes out her binky) Mae! Cuddly, cuddly!

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    • AWW!


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    • Chicklette: Thank! (hugs Mae)

      Kitten Boy and Lizardling: (take out their binkies)

      Them (Kitten Boy and Lizardling) and the other babies: Cuddly, cuddly! (also hug Mae)

      Motsuki: Aww! Nice babies love Mae.

      PJ Robot: (beeps in agreement)

      Me: So, it's not a problem?

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    • No. Not at all. In fact, I think I should make a page for the PJ Babies. Can I do that?

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    • Sure! I think the PJ Babies would like that...

      Babies: (stop hugging Mae)

      Me (to the PJ Babies): Wouldn't you?

      PJ Babies: Yay!

      I'll take that as a yes. :)

      Baby Armadylan: I'm thirsty! >:(

      Uh oh. I'm gonna go get Baby 'Dylan and the other babies some milk. If I leave the others out, they'll get fussy.

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