• PJ Babies: Thank, Mae!

    I think the PJ Babies are thanking you for adding their own page. Also, I just came back and got them, Baby Luna, Baby Romeo, Baby 'Dylan, Baby 'Bella and the Wolfy Puppies some milk. (hands each glass to Chicklette and babies Gekko, Luna, Romeo, Armadylan and Octobella, and some bowls of milk to Kitten Boy and the Wolfy Puppies)

    Babies: (drink their milk)

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    • Aww! Cute!

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    • IKR? They're even cuter when they drink milk!

      Babies: (finish drinking their milk, with the PJ Babies putting their binkies back in their mouths)

      Percival: (chirps inqusively at Baby Octobella)

      Baby Octobella: (turns to Percival) Ooh, cwabby! (plays with Percival)

      Moths: (fly towards Baby Luna)

      Baby Luna: (turns to the Moths) Hewwo, Mothies! Eep!

      Motsuki: (also flies to Luna) Hello again, Baby Luna! Eep!

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