• I'm aware that there is some form of explaination for how the three friends get their powers in the books and i have an idea for a story about that but i want to know what you guys think.

    How do you think Conner, Amaya and Greg met, became PJ Masks, got their tech and met the villians for the first time?

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    • About how they got their powers and met Romeo for the first time, I wrote a story of my own. First Night. It's also on fanfiction dot net.

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    • Don't worry, I have read it

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    • With PJ Masks: The Movie that I've had a desire that some year of these is released, there is a flashback of how they became superheroes and all the questions.

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    • I think they got they powers because they had the animal bracelets that we know, (but without power) and the HQ gave power to the bracelets because they were the same spirit animals that HQ had. Sorry if I don´t explain well, but I´m from Spain and obviously I speak Spanish.

      One thing: I´m going to get Covid-19. XDXDXDXDXD

      I´m happy to be in this site.


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