• Hi Mehdi! Remember how much trouble we had getting my profile pic to upload? Well I tried it again, and as you can tell, it FINALLY worked! Just wanted to tell you!

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    • It finally worked! Yay!!!! :D

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    • By the way, I would like a few pfps to switch between, so I would like you to make a pfp of yet another character I made, if you can. 

      Here's the character:
      Screenshot 2020-06-17-20-35-38

      Ignore the sparkly heart behind her. I can't remove it for some reason. Also, I made her bigger so you could see her easier. Hope you can make it. I know I must be getting annoying, with asking for all of these pfps and all, but your art is so cute! 


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    • Oof, hold on, there's another one.

      Screenshot 2020-06-17-20-49-43

      Sooo sorry 😅

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    • A FANDOM user
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